What are the best methods for Endometriosis Diagnosis?

Endometriosis is a painful disease that affects approximately 200 million females around the world. The condition usually presents as varying degrees pelvic pain and extreme discomfort for women; often the diagnosis is late and treatment is consequently delayed. If you know the different methods of endometriosis diagnosis, you may be able to identify and deal with the problem at the earliest. What happens in endometriosis? Endometrial tissue, which normally lines… Read More

10 ways to improve egg quality before pregnancy or IVF

Women trying to conceive naturally or with the help of IVF are always looking for ways to improve egg quality to improve their chances of conceiving. The quality of your gametes is the most important factor for a successful pregnancy, and it can be enhanced with the right protocol. Unlike men, whose sperm is produced every three months, women are born with 1-2 million eggs out of which only 300-500… Read More

Amy Schumer’s IVF : 35 eggs but one good embryo

Amy Schumer at her IVF clinic

Amy Schumer’s IVF cycle resulted in one viable embryo even though 35 eggs were retrieved after simulation, she revealed via an Instagram post on Saturday. The comedienne is upbeat and feels lucky to have one good embryo but also realizes the steep drop from the number of eggs. She is right though—you need only one good quality embryo for a successful pregnancy but having more embryos means you will have… Read More

Dr. Fabian Walters

Dr. Fabian Walters - IVF Mexico

Dr. Fabian Walters is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and fertility expert, and one of the top doctors for IVF in Mexico. He has been serving patients of infertility for almost 15 years, and is known for his calm demeanor and care for his patients. Below is an overview of his professional profile: Education and training 1997: Medical License for General Practice of Medicine (Titulo y Cedula Professional) from the Autonomous… Read More

Dr. Jose Eligio Gaytan Melicoff

Dr. Jose Gaytan Melicoff - IVF Cancun, Mexico

Dr. Jose Eligio Gaytan is an IVF specialist and gynecologic surgeon, practicing in the beautiful beach city of Cancun in Mexico. He received medical education in Mexico and then went to Spain for post-graduation and advanced training in reproductive technology. Dr. Gaytan has founded and set up several clinics for IVF in Mexico, and he has helped thousands of patients conceive. For his tremendous contribution to the state of Mexico… Read More

IVF for Single Women

Single women today have more control over their lives than ever before and many are making the choice to build their families without any partner. IVF for single women is available in many countries and if you feel strongly about having a baby, you can certainly make that choice for yourself. With growing awareness about these procedures and acceptance from the society, women are becoming more comfortable in having and… Read More

IVF in Mexico

Low-cost IVF by Mexico’s most trusted doctors US-trained embryologist, friendly staff & SAVINGS of 60% – 70% If you’ve been struggling to conceive and planning for IVF, don’t be disheartened with the high costs or long waiting lines in your local healthcare system—consider IVF in Mexico. Hundreds of couples go across the border every year to get a chance at fulfilling their parenthood dreams, and it could be your way… Read More

Surrogacy in Ukraine

If it is medically not possible for you to bear a pregnancy or if pregnancy-related risks are dangerous for your health, surrogacy may be the way for you. If you need it to be able to complete your family, consider surrogacy in Ukraine. Hiring a surrogate can raise many questions for the prospective parents and it is imperative that you choose a qualified doctor and a clinic that makes you… Read More

Kim Kardashian’s doctors refused to do IVF again

Kim Kardashian’s doctors refused to do IVF again for the reality TV star, as they thought it would be malpractice. Kardashian has again opened up about her struggles with fertility and pregnancy, talking about the almost-life-threatening situation she was in. Sharing a candid video for her Shapewear brand, SKIMS, the 39-year-old spoke about the difficulties she faced during her pregnancy—it involved extreme sickness, an emergency labor, and a pre-mature delivery.… Read More

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

The miscarriages or conception problems you’re having could be attributed to faulty sperm DNA, which is unfortunately not assessed in a routine semen analysis. Sperm DNA fragmentation testing is required to check for the integrity of the DNA of your sperm, which is an important factor in successful conception. A simple semen analysis, although sufficient in many cases, only tells us about the count, morphology, and motility of the sperm,… Read More