The woman who found humor in infertility

Karen - Jeff - funny infertility stories

Infertility is difficult. But one New York woman has found humor in infertility and is sharing her funny memes for others find a breather in through the painful journey. Karen (name changed to protect her personal identity as she says… Read More

Twins born from IVF in Chandigarh

After months of failure and disappointments from not being able to conceive, imagine the joy of the couple that finally got twins. Below is the picture of twin boys conceived at Dr. Nirmal Bhasin’s Chandigarh IVF clinic.  Contact Dr. Nirmal Bhasin for… Read More

Donor Egg IVF Story – Twins at 59

Chandigarh resident Gurmeet Kaur is now a mother of twins, but this bliss of parenthood did not come easy. Here’s the story of this 59-year-old lady, who delivered babies at her retirement. Despite being married for years, Gurmeet Kaur had… Read More

IVF in Pelvic Tuberculosis Patient

After 6 years of marriage, this patient finally found her joy with the help of IVF in Chandigarh, India. After failing at IVF several times at other centres, and being denied any further treatment, Mrs. Singh came to Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, where… Read More

IUI Chandigarh – Successful After 8 Years of Marriage

Not being able to conceive after eight years of marriage can be very frustrating. Further, the disappointment of repeated failure with intrauterine insemination, caused much distress to the couple. Just when they got convinced to take the IVF route, the last IUI… Read More