Conceived with IUI in Chandigarh after PCOD, Hydrosalpinx

After 6 years of trying to conceive, this patient of 31 years, approached Dr. Harpreet Sidhu

Her hydrosalpinx was first corrected and then she simply conceived with IUI in Chandigarh.

Below she shares her story:

I have had a fairly urban lifestyle all my life and have been quite careless at times with regards to my physical health. Irregular meals, sleep and on the run jobs have throughout taken its toll on my body.

Being in love and marrying that same man was an absolute delight to me but not being able to conceive even after 6 years of marriage was disheartening and was pushing me to the edge.

Move to Chandigarh from Delhi was an accident but having come here and knowing about Milann was sheer destiny. It was bound to happen here and the overall experience at Milann has been truly very blissful.

We have been successful in me conceiving in our very first attempt after undergoing laparoscopy to prevent any further complications. The doctor and the entire staff have been very co-operative and are like demi-gods to us.

I truly am happy to get pregnant and very soon I hope to have a very healthy baby. Me and my husband say a big Thank you!


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Karen - Jeff - funny infertility stories

The woman who found humor in infertility

Infertility is difficult. But one New York woman has found humor in infertility and is sharing her funny memes for others find a breather in through the painful journey.

Karen (name changed to protect her personal identity as she says “My students Google me!”), is a 35-year-old teacher, who shares funny pictures on her instagram account Hilariously Infertile to lighten the mood.

By finding humor in the situation, she also helps make it a little easier to open up and talk about infertility, which is still a taboo topic.


A big thanks to IVF ?

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Karen suffered from infertility due to PCOS. She and her husband, Jeff, found out about their conception problem in December 2011 and underwent months of IVF treatment—a process she describes as mentally taxing.

It was difficult as she recalls the time she almost felt hopeless: “I kept thinking maybe I won’t get pregnant, maybe I have to change everything I thought my life would be.”

But Jeff kept her going—poking fun and teasing her through the journey.

“He got me through it with laughter and humor. We made fun of IVF, because you have to joke about it or else you cry,” she said.

Fortunately they conceived the next year with clomid and insemination, and Karen gave birth to her first baby girl on November 8, 2012. Three years later, another IVF cycle was successful and they had another daughter in 2015.

The mother of two admits that it was uplifting to post those funny memes and video confessionals on her account as she was also supporting other women, letting them know they aren’t alone.


I wish, I wish upon my… hormones

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“I’m trying to give women hope and to get them to see the ridiculousness of infertility and infertility treatments,” the fourth grade told People magazine. “It can be funny, for instance, when you’re in the clinic and no one talks to each other and, like, aren’t we all infertile? Can’t we all talk to each other?

“I’ve had women tell me all they did was cry until they found my page and now they see that there’s humor in IVF treatments and infertility.”

But it was never easy. Just like every other infertile woman, she broke down, and kept trying to make sense of the situation.

“I had a complete breakdown,” she said. “I kept Googling my diagnosis and seeing the word ‘infertile’ and each time it hit me like a ton of bricks.”

However, once she started this humorous Instagram account, thousands of women connected quickly and the response she received was very encouraging. The account was started in April 2016, AFTER she became a mother to two girls, and has since garnered over 10,000 followers.

“It really took off right away,” she says. “I didn’t have social media when I was going through treatments, and I think it’s a great platform for women to connect over an awkward issue.”

“My main message is that women going through this aren’t alone,” says Karen. “Ultrasound wands are funny, let’s be honest.

“If you can’t laugh about this stuff, you’ll lose your mind.”


Donor Egg IVF Story – Twins at 59

Chandigarh resident Gurmeet Kaur is now a mother of twins, but this bliss of parenthood did not come easy. Here’s the story of this 59-year-old lady, who delivered babies at her retirement.

Despite being married for years, Gurmeet Kaur had never conceived and even the use of artificial reproductive technology did not work for her. She failed at IVF about 6 times before seeking help from Dr. Nirmal Bhasin. There again, the initial IVF did not bring the desired result but Mrs. Kaur was determined to succeed.

Despite the doctor’s reluctance, Mrs. Kaur insisted on continuing the treatment and finally in the third try, she conceived through ivf with ovum donation. Obviously, everyone was delighted when the pregnancy reports came out positive, and after a smooth pregnancy, Mrs. Kaur delivered twins at her retirement. She is now a loving mother to two adorable sons, who are an year old.


IVF in Pelvic Tuberculosis Patient

After 6 years of marriage, this patient finally found her joy with the help of IVF in Chandigarh, India.

After failing at IVF several times at other centres, and being denied any further treatment, Mrs. Singh came to Dr. Nirmal Bhasin, where she was rightly diagnosed with pelvic tuberculosis. Anti-tubercular drugs were administered and after 6 months of treatment, she was advised to get back to dealing with her infertility problem.

She conceived with IVF in the first attempt and the little baby came out healthy.

IVF for tuberculosis patients can be successful, if the diagnosis is accurate and treatment well-timed.