Twins in IVF?

I’ve always wanted a big family and hoping for atleast two babies. We’re to do IVF soon.. can ivf make twins? Is there anything I can do to ensure the birth of twins via IVF?

Priyanka Chopra: Egg Freezing was painful and expensive

Priyanka Chopra on egg freezing and motherhood

Priyanka Chopra’s egg freezing news didn’t come as much of a surprise as the actor seemed in no rush to have babies with husband Nick Joanas, while she was in her late 30s. Apparently, she froze her eggs at the age of 36—a decision that Chopra says, gave her the freedom to pursue her career ambitions and focus on herself. The 40-year-old Citadel star opened up about her decision to… Read More

IVF in Malaysia

IVF in Malaysia

Low-cost IVF with the Malaysia’s top fertility experts Upto 82% success rates; Malaysia’s best IVF clinics If you are looking for the best in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics in Malaysia, it’s important to consider the success rates, experience, reputation, facilities, and cost. IVF is a complex and sensitive medical procedure that requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced team. There are numerous well-established IVF clinics in Malaysia that offer… Read More

IVF in Mexico

IVF Mexico

Consult with Mexico’s most trusted fertility doctors US-trained embryologist, SAVINGS of over 60% – 70% Planning for IVF in Mexico can be the safe, smooth experience you want it to be. The most common concern of patients traveling south of border for IVF are regarding the standards of service and qualification of the doctors. These can and must be verified before you settle on a fertility clinic in Mexico. Conception… Read More

Low-cost IVF in Cyprus

IV Cyprus

One of the most experienced IVF specialists in Europe FIRST IVF clinic in entire Cyprus & Greece; 35+ years of experience Invitro fertilization or IVF is a complex and expensive procedure, where your doctor’s experience can be highly valuable. For IVF in Cyprus consult with the country’s first IVF doctor and get treated at a clinic with close to 40 years of experience. Infertility Aide works only with organizations that… Read More

IVF in Denmark

IVF in Denmark

Low-cost IVF with the Denmark’s top fertility experts Around 26% of Danish couples have been estimated to suffer from infertility and while IVF in Denmark is available under the public health-care system, the researchers found a relatively lower interest in fertility treatment due to lack of awareness. The fertility rate in Denmark has been declining since 2010, according to a 2023 report published by the Statista Research Department. While success… Read More

What is delayed IVF?

Delayed IVF for PCOS patients

Immature eggs retrieved during an IVF cycle normally don’t make healthy embryos on fertilization but if they are allowed to mature in the laboratory for an extra day, they may turn into healthy, mature eggs that are capable of fertilizing well. This extension of the development potential of immature eggs is called delayed IVF. Using this method, the slower-developing eggs are allowed to mature under controlled conditions in a laboratory… Read More

Risks and benefits of Double Embryo Transfer in IVF

Single vs double embryo transfer in IVF

Double embryo transfer (DET) in IVF was traditionally done to improve the odds of implantation. However, DET can be the reason for various neonatal complications and also cause serious problems for the mother. It is important to assess the risks and benefits of double embryo transfer in IVF vs. single embryo transfer (SET) before you go through with the final procedure. According to a CDC report, the NICU admission for… Read More

Jennifer Aniston’s IVF journey and fertility struggles

Jennifer Aniston's IVF story

Jennifer Aniston’s IVF revelation has caused quite a stir as the Hollywood star spoke for the first time about this very personal and rather painful chapter in her life. Media speculation and fallacious rumors of pregnancy made it worse for Aniston, when she was quietly undergoing failed IVF cycles, desperately trying to have a baby. “It was a challenging road for me, the baby-making road,” the actor told Allure in their December cover… Read More

Rising Infertility in the UAE

Rising infertility in the UAE

The number of pregnancies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to drop to 1.66 per couple from 2020-2025(1). This rising infertility in the UAE is a real concern as more poeple turn towards treatments. According to a market research conducted by Colliers, infertility rate in the Middle East is estimated to be at 15%, split across men and women (2). This is significantly higher than the 10% infertility… Read More