Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

Blood test for Follicle stimuating hormone

Follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH hormone testing is commonly done to check your reproductive potential. It is one of the two gonadotropic hormones (the other being luteinizing hormone) and is responsible for the development and function of ovaries in females and testes in males. It is basically the hormone responsible for producing mature eggs in the ovaries. During IVF treatment, FSH is the hormone in those injectable gonadotropins that help produce multiple eggs… Read More

Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH)

AMH testing

Anti-Müllerian hormone or AMH hormone levels are often tested to check the ovarian reserve in a woman. AMH plays an important role in the development of your sex organs at birth but it’s after puberty that it really becomes a test for fertility in women. This hormone is produced in the testicles of boys, preventing the development of female sex organs while in girls, the AMH remains low before puberty,… Read More

Doctors for IVF in Denmark

Dr Kim Marky - IVF Denmark

Denmark is one of the more preferred destinations for infertility treatments in Europe, given the lower prices and relatively liberal laws with respect to IVF for single women, fertility treatments for LGBT couples, and third-party reproduction with donor gametes. If you’re also looking for the best doctors for IVF in Denmark, you can consult any of our trusted doctors, get a treatment plan or a second opinion.. Selecting the right… Read More

Semen Analysis—How to interpret the results?

Semen analysis

Semen analysis is possibly the most common among the tests for infertility. It is the basic test for men that will be ordered by your doctor at the first hint of infertility. So, let’s get straight to finding out all about semen analysis and what should you expect to see in your report. Semen analysis will give you information on the sperm’s morphology (shape and size), motility (its ability to… Read More

Khloe Kardashian’s surrogacy challenges

Pregnant Khloe Kardashian with Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian’s surrogacy plans did not go quite as well as she’d expected, she revealed during a June 2021 reunion episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “I did have one [surrogate] and then it fell through,” the reality star told host Andy Cohen, explaining that COVID was also responsible for her situation. “There are so many tests they have to do and all these things. So, I’m still on that… Read More

Sperm freezing – Cost, Benefits, & Risks

Sperm freezing procedure

Fertility preservation is not just for women. Men also lose sperm count and mobility with age, and sperm freezing is your fertility insurance for the future. Also known as cryopreservation of semen or sperm banking, it is a rather simple procedure that takes little time. Similar to egg freezing, it involves storing the male sperm for fertility treatments in the future. According to research by Niels Jorgenson from the University… Read More

IVF for LGBTQ couples

Reproductive options for gay single men

IVF for LGBTQ couples is not allowed by all countries but some places are liberal and they allow same-sex partners and transgender people to have children and build a family. Depending upon your unique circumstances and preferences, there are various options for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer couples to pursue a pregnancy and have a baby. If you’re interested in IVF for LGBTQ couples for yourself or someone you… Read More

Hysteroscopy before IVF: Is it required?

Hysteroscopy before IVF

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the doctor to check the insides of your uterus by inserting a thin, lighted tube. In some situations, it is the best way to examine your uterus but is it necessary in every case to do a hysteroscopy before IVF? Many clinics routinely practice hysteroscopy routinely before IVF to ensure that the uterine cavity is normal and ready to receive embryos. However,… Read More

What causes Early Miscarriages at 6-8 weeks?

Early miscarriages at 6-8 weeks

Miscarriages are common and often, unpreventable. Loss of pregnancy before 12 weeks is an early miscarriage and it happens in around 10% of all pregnancies. If you’ve experienced multiple miscarriages soon after conceiving without any logical explanation, it must be very frustrating. So, what causes early miscarriages at 6-8 weeks? Normally, the early miscarriages are blamed on chromosomal abnormalities that result in the arrest of embryo growth and while that… Read More

Aagaard Fertility Clinic – Aarhus, Denmark

Aagaard Fertility Clinic Denmark

Awarded the Best Fertility Treatment Provider in Denmark (2021)(A Scandinavian Business Award) Aagaard Fertility Clinic is one of the most well-equipped and technologically advanced IVF centers in Denmark. Established in 2004, Aagaard is now a part of the Virtus Healthcare Group and is accredited by the Danish Healthcare Quality Program. The clinic comprises a fertility unit, a gynecology section, and a sperm bank all under one roof, enabling the doctors… Read More