Surrogacy in Delhi

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which another woman agrees to carry your baby in her womb, if you’re unable to do that yourself because of medical/health reasons. Surrogacy is a long and sometimes complicated journey, so it is imperative you make all the decisions carefully. If you’re looking for surrogacy in Delhi, you can expect to find the most reliable doctors and surrogate agents with Infertility Aide. Is surrogacy right… Read More

IVF in Gurgaon

IVF in Gurgaon

If you’re struggling to conceive and looking for IVF clinics in Gurgaon, you’ll find an abundance of options but how do you choose? Searching for the right IVF clinic and finding a doctor that you’re most comfortable with, will be a major factor in how you feel throughout your IVF journey and its outcome. Artificial Reproductive Technology is expensive and the success rates of IVF may not be trusted. The… Read More

Emma Bunton’s Endometriosis diagnosis & subsequent pregnancies

Emma Bunton with husband and sons

Emma Bunton’s endometriosis diagnosis at the age of 25 left her heartbroken and scared as the doctors told her she might not be able to have children. “It broke my heart,” the former Spice Girl told Rochelle Humes as part of the new AOL Original series, Being Mum. “It literally broke my heart and I was frightened.” Fortunately for her, the singer was able to get pregnant and is now a… Read More

Embryo grading in IVF: Which embryos are good?

Stages of embryo development

A good, healthy embryo is integral to the whole process of conception and healthy pregnancy and naturally, when you do IVF, there’s a lot of focus on the embryo. Informed patients today are aware of the importance of embryo and are asking questions about embryo grading in IVF. So, which embryos are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy? During the IVF process, embryos created in the lab are… Read More

Top Doctors for IVF in India

Dr Sarat Battina - IVF Chennai

The diagnosis of infertility is difficult and once you’ve been recommended the assistance of reproductive medicine, it’s natural that you’d want to look for the best doctors for IVF in India. Over 15-20 million people in India have problems in conceiving, according to a WHO report, and the numbers are growing every year. Hundreds of fertility clinics have popped up to cater to the growing demand of infertile couples. However,… Read More

Best Doctors for IVF in Mexico

Dr. Eduardo M Espadas - IVF Cancun, Mexico

Many Americans and Canadians travel for IVF in Mexico, but where to go? How to select the right IVF clinic and how to find the right doctors for IVF in Mexico? Everyone wants a doctor who is highly skilled and committed to patient welfare but with so many carefully-managed fake reviews, you can never really be sure. Infertility Aide allows you to consult with multiple doctors (while you still pay… Read More

Paris Hilton’s IVF announcement criticised

Paris Hiltons IVF

Paris Hilton recently disclosed her plans to start a family with boyfriend Carter Reum and the couple is currently undergoing invitro fertilization with the same doctor, who performed Kim Kardashian’s IVF treatment. Although celebrities coming out about their infertility and treatments are usually lauded, Paris Hilton’s IVF disclosure hasn’t gone down well with many people. “We have been doing the IVF so I can pick twins if I like,” Hilton… Read More

When should you do the ERA test?

When should you do the ERA test

When you’ve been trying to get pregnant for some time and are considering invitro fertilization (IVF), you want everything to go right. Unfortunately, IVF does not work every time and your doctor many not always be able to determine the reason why your IVF failed. As part of the IVF failure workup, many doctors use the endometrial receptivity array (ERA), to evaluate issues with the receptivity of the uterus that… Read More

Indigo Women’s Center – Chennai, India

Indigo IVF Chennai

Indigo Women’s Center is the only NABH-accredited, ISO-certified clinic for fertility treatments in Chennai and they bring experience of over 37 years to your service. The head of fertility treatments at IWC is Dr. Sarat Battina, who is one of the pioneers of fertility treatments in South India and also responsible for establishing the fertility program at Apollo Hospital, Chennai, since 1989. Dr. Sarat has had extensive international training and… Read More

What are the indications for PGD?

Indications for PGD

Genetic testing with IVF is becoming more common as the techniques become safer with improving technology and more people understand the benefits of having the good quality embryos implanted. However, pre-implantation genetic testing is not for everyone. So, what are the indications for PGD and should you get it? If your doctor mentions PGT instead of PGD, don’t get all confused by the terminology. Back in 2018, the major reproductive… Read More