What to do after your Embryo Transfer?

What to do after embryo transfer

The two-week wait period between the embryo transfer and your pregnancy test can be very tense. It is normal to have your mind flooded with questions regarding what to do after your embryo transfer? Should you travel or do any physical activities during this time? What are the positive signs of a successful embryo transfer? All this overthinking during this period of uncertainty after IVF can build up a lot… Read More

How does AI help the IVF process?


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IVF is the newest way to harness technology and enhance the reliability and success rates of ART. So, how does AI help the IVF process? It has been more than four decades since the first baby was born using IVF, yet IVF’s success rate remains uncertain. Despite all innovations in the field, there isn’t enough data on the use of AI in IVF to influence… Read More

Rita Ora on freezing her eggs in her 20s

Rita Ora on egg freezing

Famous British singer and songwriter Rita Ora recently opened up on her decision to freeze her eggs in her early 20s. The interview of Rita Ora on freezing her eggs has hit the headlines because while oocyte cryopreservation has become common, most women wait until their 30s to freeze their eggs. The most fertile age for women is said to be their early 20s but fertility levels typically do not… Read More

ASRM on traveling for IVF

ASRM on traveling for IVF

Are you considering traveling overseas for fertility treatment? Before you decide to opt for IVF treatment abroad, you may want to learn about the concerns and suggestions laid down by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine or ASRM on traveling for IVF.  Are you getting a better deal, better service or facilities? Does the destination country have restrictions and privacy concerns for IVF treatment? After IVF can you travel? The… Read More

Will IVF work if you have Endometriosis?

Will IVF work if you have endometriosis

Over 10% of the females in reproductive age suffer from endometriosis , according to the World Health Organization (1). While many of them are able to conceive naturally despite the condition, many also need medical intervention and IVF. Can you conceive naturally? Will IVF work if you have endometriosis? Will your ability to conceive be affected because of endometrial lesions? Endometriosis creates a hostile environment for fertilization and also affects… Read More