IVF after 40 years of age

Donor egg IVF after 40 years

The proverbial biological clock in women often influences their family and career decisions. However, many women get prepared for pregnancy only around the age of 40, and a woman seeking IVF after 40 years of age, especially with self eggs, only has a 12% chance of success. So if you are a woman near or over the age of 40 years and are planning to conceive, go through the below… Read More

IVF Process details – step by step

Fertilization in IVF lab

In vitro fertilization may seem like a long, complicated procedure at first, but if you learn about the IVF process details before starting the treatment, it probably won’t seem so intimidating and uncertain. STEP 1 – Period Make an appointment with your doctor on day one or day two of your period. If you do not get periods or have irregular periods, your doctor will be able to induce them… Read More

Top 5 reasons for failure of IVF

Reasons for IVF failure

The average success rates of IVF globally are under 50 percent. This means that almost half the people who undergo IVF do not get pregnant and unfortunately, your doctor may not always be able to tell you the reasons for failure of IVF. IVF is an expensive procedure with no guarantee of success. Once you get your head around the actual cost of IVF, the most important concern is usually about the chances… Read More

Why should you not trust IVF success rates?

IVF success rates

IVF success rates are misleading. There. I said it. Any fertility expert or independent statistician will tell you that IVF success rates are mere numbers mostly desired for public image, without providing anything of value for the undiscerning patient. However, most people do not understand this and while choosing an IVF clinic the only question they ask is: “what is your success rate?” There is no fixed answer to this, but… Read More

How much does IVF cost?

IVF treatment costs

IVF is expensive, and infertility is common. Once they have gone through the tests and investigations and the doctor has determined that medical intervention is absolutely required, the first question that most couples ask is: how much does IVF cost? Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to that and even the couples that are prepared to meet the expenses might end up burning a lot of dough by the time the… Read More