Infertility Aide brings to you the expertise of some of the most experienced and trusted fertility experts in the world. Besides checking their credentials and hospital standards, we carefully take notice of the patient feedback, including any complaints, against our member doctors.

FREE consultations

Not only do we bring you easy access to the most coveted fertility experts, we also offer free consultations.

Go through the profiles of the doctors in the destination you prefer and consult with any of them by paying their standard consultation fee.

Infertility Aide will add this fee towards your treatment cost, if you get your treatment within three months of the date of first appointment.

Terms and conditions

This offer is only applicable to patients seeking IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, donor egg IVF, surrogacy, and related treatments. It is not applicable in cases of IUI, semen analysis, etc. If you’re not sure, please check with us regarding the validity of this offer before booking your consultation.

How we help?

Infertility Aide strives to help you find the most affordable and reliable solutions for infertility and to make you feel confident and secure on this journey.

The feedback you see on this site is only written by real patients. We respect patient privacy and assign a unique ID to each patient so their names and personal information are not revealed as they share their experience.

Your chances of conceiving worsen with age. So, if you’re struggling to conceive, it would be highly useful to have an expert doctor’s opinion in good time, while maintaining your privacy.

It’s simple. It’s affordable. It’s reliable.
Find your right fertility doctor on Infertility Aide and book an appointment to understand and find the right treatment for your fertility problems!