The long wait on India’s Surrogacy Bill

India’s surrogacy industry was brought to a screeching halt with the introduction of the Surrogacy Regulation Bill in Lok Sabha on 21 November, 2016. India’s surrogacy bill is still awaiting Parliamentary action to become a law. Surrogacy had been legal in India since 2002 and did not draw much attention until in the recent couple of years, when people from other countries started to travel to India for affordable surrogacy.… Read More

How to select your IVF clinic?

IVF is expensive and since it is such a big investment, you don’t want to end up at the wrong place. So how to select your IVF clinic that will treat you as an individual and not just as a case? What are the factors to consider? The growing numbers of infertility patients and the rising demand for IVF has led to the mushrooming of IVF clinics, many of which… Read More

Recurrent miscarriage – causes & treatments

Recurrent miscarriage is the loss of three or more consecutive pregnancies of 13 weeks or less, with the same partner. Miscarriages and early loss of pregnancy are so common that many obstetricians consider it a normal part of reproduction. That doesn’t make the loss easier but the fact that you were able to get pregnant at all should give you hope of having a baby in the future.   How… Read More

Mild IVF

Mild IVF

IVF is expensive, distressing, and physically difficult for some, and if that is you, maybe you should consider the option of mild IVF, also known as micro IVF or mini IVF. In mild IVF you will be given a smaller dosage of fertility drugs for a few days, which means lower cost, lesser discomfort and side-effects. However, with this method fewer eggs are collected, which in turn could result in… Read More

Natural Cycle IVF

In Natural cycle IVF, the egg you naturally release during your monthly cycle is collected and fertilized with the sperm under controlled conditions of the IVF laboratory. Fertility drugs or hormone injections are not used in natural IVF. The world’s first IVF baby—Louise Brown—was conceived with natural IVF but due to the lower success rates and higher number of abandoned cycles, the natural cycle treatment is hardly followed these days.… Read More

17 Reasons for low sperm count in men

Low sperm count, also called as oligospermia, is the condition of having fewer than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. Although the exact cause for oligospermia is hard to determine, here are some of the top reasons for low sperm count in men. Sperm problems account for 9% of all cases of infertility, reports the US CDC, and they are the additional factor in 35% of all infertility cases.  … Read More

7 Celebrities who struggled with Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a very common disease that affects almost 10% of the women of reproductive age, but it is surprisingly low profile. The lack of open discussion and understanding of endometriosis is frustrating and weakening for women, who silently bear the pain. If it is any help, a lot a women that you see making headlines, are actually silently suffering from endometriosis. Here are some celebrities who struggled with endometriosis:… Read More

Endometriosis—Symptoms, causes and treatment

Endometriosis is the condition in which the lining of your uterus (called the endometrium) starts to grow outside of the uterine cavity. This endometrial tissue that spreads outside of your uterus is called the endometrial implant. It could be found on: Ovaries and fallopian tubes Outer surface of uterus Outer surface of bowel or bladder This is usually restricted to the pelvic region, but in rare cases it may extend… Read More

IVF after 40 years of age

The proverbial biological clock in women often influences their family and career decisions. However, many women get prepared for pregnancy only around the age of 40, and a woman seeking IVF after 40 years of age, especially with self eggs, only has a 12% chance of success. So if you are a woman near or over the age of 40 years and are planning to conceive, go through the below… Read More

IVF Process details – step by step

IVF process

IVF may seem like a long, complicated procedure at first, but if you learn about the IVF process details before starting the treatment, it probably won’t seem so intimidating and uncertain. STEP 1 – Period Make an appointment with your doctor on day one or day two of your period. If you do not get periods or have irregular periods, your doctor will be able to induce them with contraceptives… Read More