Lena Dunham’s IVF essay receives flak

Lena Dunham IVF story

Lena Dunham’s IVF story resonated with a lot of women, but many are also critical of her views of the online infertility community, which they found to be ‘judgemental’ and ‘condescending’. The American actor-producer opened up about her fertility problems including endometriosis and IVF failure, as she penned a rather vulnerable essay for Harper’s Magazine. Most celebrities are lauded for sharing such a personal struggle on any public platform, but… Read More

Chuck Wicks’ infertility struggle & the journey to parenthood

Chuck Wicks infertility to parenthood

After trying to conceive for months, Chuck Wicks and his wife, Kasi Morstad, realized that something was not quite right and decided to seek medical intervention. Investigations revealed that their parenthood dreams were being choked by male infertility. Kasi and Chuck Wicks’ infertility struggle eventually resulted in a pregnancy and the joyous couple is expecting a baby boy in December 2020. Now that they are through the difficult phase of… Read More

Hugh Jackman on Failed IVFs, Miscarriages, and Adoption

Hugh Jackman with wife and children

Even though Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, were always prepared for adoption, they had to go through the despair and disappointment of failed ART treatments before finally embracing the joys of parenthood. Here’s Hugh Jackman on failed IVFs, repeated miscarriages, and the importance of having open discussions on the subject. The pain of suffering a miscarriage is brutal. “Until you go through it, you don’t understand, it’s not… Read More

Gretchen Rossi’s IVF lessons and tips

Gretchen Rossi IVF baby Skylar

After trying for four years and losing 14 embryos over several IVF cycles, when she finally conceived, Gretchen Rossi thought it was “surreal.” The Real Housewives of Orange County star and her fiancé Slade Smiley brought their daughter into this world on July 10, 2019. They named her Skylar Gray Smiley. Gretchen Rossi’s IVF journey has been discussed in detail earlier. While the couple were grateful for the guidance they… Read More

Anne Hathaway’s Infertility & Conception struggles

Anne Hathaway pregnant and stunning

Anne Hathaway’s infertility journey was challenging and so long that she started to feel tormented even at the sight of any pregnant woman. So, when the Hollywood actor put up that joyful picture of herself with a burgeoning baby bump to announce her second pregnancy, she felt it was also important to share the miserable story that brought her to that point. “For everyone going through infertility and conception hell,… Read More

Amy Schumer’s IVF : 35 eggs but one good embryo

Amy Schumer IVF clinic

Amy Schumer’s IVF cycle resulted in one viable embryo even though 35 eggs were retrieved after simulation, she revealed via an Instagram post on Saturday. The comedienne is upbeat and feels lucky to have one good embryo but also realizes the steep drop from the number of eggs. She is right though—you need only one good quality embryo for a successful pregnancy but having more embryos means you will have… Read More

Kim Kardashian’s doctors refused to do IVF again

Kardashian-West Christmas card 2019

Kim Kardashian’s doctors refused to do IVF again for the reality TV star, as they thought it would be malpractice. Kardashian has again opened up about her struggles with fertility and pregnancy, talking about the almost-life-threatening situation she was in. Sharing a candid video for her Shapewear brand, SKIMS, the 39-year-old spoke about the difficulties she faced during her pregnancy—it involved extreme sickness, an emergency labor, and a pre-mature delivery.… Read More

Jimmy Fallon’s IVF and Surrogacy journey

Jimmy Fallon IVF daughter Frances Cole

Jimmy Fallon’s IVF and surrogacy journey is no secret as the television host and his wife have been quite open about their fertility problems. When they first brought their little daughter into this world, Jimmy and his wife, Nancy Juvonen Fallon, disclosed what a difficult ride it had been. “It’s hard if you can’t have children,” Fallon said. “We struggled for a good five years trying to have a kid.”… Read More

Husband comes on TV to talk about Kenya Moore’s IVF

Kenya and Marc Daly with baby Brooklyn

A special guest recently stopped by The Tamron Hall Show to talk about Kenya Moore’s IVF in Barbados. Her husband, Marc Daly, made a rare television appearance to talk about his perspective on going through infertility. The couple was accompanied by their daughter, Brooklyn Daly.   The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had learnt all about the difficulties of the procedure and prepared herself for what she might have to… Read More

Greg Jenner’s infertility struggle & the arrival of his ‘miracle baby’

Greg Jenner in a happy mood

British Historian Greg Jenner’s infertility struggle was something he describes as “five years of pain” but it has all ended with the arrival of his ‘miracle’ baby daughter, who was born on August 22, 2019 with the help of IVF. The public historian, who has acts as an advisor on CBBC’s Horrible Histories, shared the story of his and his wife’s fertility struggles on Twitter, so people suffering in private… Read More