Dr. Fabian Walters

Dr. Fabian Walters - IVF Mexico

Dr. Fabian Walters is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and fertility expert, and one of Mexico’s leading doctors for IVF in Mexico. After completing his graduation, he did residency in Obs & Gyne, and then went on to receive advanced education… Read More

Dr. Jose Eligio Gaytan Melicoff

Dr. Jose Gaytan Melicoff - IVF Cancun, Mexico

Dr. Jose Eligio Gaytan is an IVF specialist and gynecologic surgeon, practicing in the beautiful beach city of Cancun in Mexico. He received medical education in Mexico and then went to Spain for post-graduation and advanced training in reproductive technology.… Read More

Dr. Inna N Sapozhak

Dr Inna Sapozhak - IVF doctor Ukraine

Dr. Inna N. Sapozhak is an obstetrics and gynecology specialist and fertility expert, who is committed to helping people that are struggling to conceive. She obtained the highest degree of qualification from the Donetsk National Medical University in Ukraine and… Read More

Dr. Venera E. Doroshenko

Dr. Venera Doroshenko - IVF specialist Ukraine

Dr. Venera Doroshenko is one of the leading doctors for IVF in Ukraine. She has the highest degree of qualification in the field and has spent over 20 years helping couples with fertility issues. She has excellent understanding of women’s… Read More

Dr. Irina K Akimova

Dr Irina K Akimova - IVF Specialist Ukraine

Dr. Irina K Akimova is one of the most highly experienced doctors for IVF in Ukraine, who has dedicated over four decades to this field. She has a PhD in Medical Sciences and is specialized in treatment of endocrine and… Read More

Dr. Lam Wei Kian

Dr. Lam Wei Kian - IVF specialist Malaysia

MBBS, Malaysia MMeD (Obs & Gyne), Malaysia Postgraduate German Diploma in Reproductive Medicine, UAE Fellowship – Indian Academy of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr. Lam Wei Kian is an IVF specialist, practicing at Alpha Fertility Center in Malaysia. He has been… Read More

Dr. Manisha Takhtani

MBBS, MD – PGI, India Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from India & Singapore Experience: 12 years Dr. Manisha Takhtani is an infertility specialist and gynecologist currently practicing in Mumbai, India. She graduated from the prestigious Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education… Read More

Doctors for IVF in Malaysia

Infertility can be overwhelming, and so can be finding the right IVF doctor. With so many options, you don’t really know what to believe when most clinics have similar ratings and reviews. It is easy to manipulate reviews on the… Read More

Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai

Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai - IVF Thailand

Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai is a leading fertility specialist in Thailand, who has over 15 years of experience. He completed his masters in embryology from the prestigious Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a board-certified surgeon specializing in obstetrics and gynecology,… Read More

Dr. Wiwat Quangkananurug

Dr. Wiwat Quangkananurug - IVF Thailand

Dr. Wiwat Quangkananurug is one of the most highly regarded fertility specialists in Thailand, who is regularly visited by patients from all over the world. He speaks English and Thai languages, and regularly attends international lectures and conferences to stay informed… Read More