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About Alpha Fertility Centre

A premier fertility institute equipped with modern full range of fertility treatment options. The clinic is certified by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) and also an elite member of MHTC (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council). If you're having a difficulty in conceiving or repeated miscarriages, you must know the reason for your problem so it can be resolved. If you need the advice of an expert, you can get it easily. Now at almost half the price!

FREE AI worth RM 1,950 with IVF

If you do need IVF, you can claim an advanced service - Artificial intelligence-enhanced embryo selection for FREE. It is an advanced technology that allows your doctor to select the most viable embryo for your pregnancy.

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Why get fertility assessment now?

Artificial reproductive technology (ART) is expensive and the average success rates are less than 50%. Financial concerns keep a lot of patients from undergoing infertility treatment. To get the best bang for your buck, it is imperative that you first find the exact cause of infertility before trying to start on any treatment, so no amount of money is wasted in trying different methods unsuccessfully. This is where the experience of your doctor counts most. So do your research and go for the treatment that feels right.

60+ years

The pioneers of IVF in Malaysia and Singapore and some of the most experienced fertility experts, who boast of a combined experience of 60+ years in helping patients with infertility.

3,500+ families

Thousands of patients have been able to complete their families with medical intervention for infertility. Don't hold yourself back. Sometimes, a few hours can change your life.

150+ publications

The clinic has over 150 publications in international journals. Extensive research helps the doctors understand that each patient is different and has different requirements.

82.9% success

Some of the highest documented success rates for IVF with the transfer of a single vitrified-warmed good graded euploid blastocyst.

Correct diagnosis of your infertility problem is as important as the quality of treatment you get. Consult with informed, experienced doctors to understand your problem and take a careful, guided approach towards IVF for the best chances of success.