Infertility Aide is not only your information guide for ART and the latest in infertility world, but we aim to help you to make informed decisions about your specific situation, pick the right doctor, and get the right treatment with some noted benefits:

Here’s what you get in the Infertility Aide Advantage:

✓ Trusted clinics with ethical practice and excellent understanding of ART
✓ Doctors with a clean and successful track record
✓ Quick and easy appointments
✓ Upto 50% discounts on consultations
✓ Extra discounts on cost of repeat cycles
✓ Direct email and phone consultations
✓ Honesty and transparency in treatment
✓ Counselor guidance along the treatment
✓ No waiting lines
✓ Compassion and personalized care
✓ Legitimate complaint recording and grievance solutions


Most people do not realize that delaying the doctor’s appointment  in cases of infertility can prove to be very expensive because your fertility declines sharply with age.

By offering discounts on appointments we support more people to directly see an expert and get the right answers for their concerns, instead of just going from place to place and taking random opinions, which do not help.

We also ensure the patient gets to consult with the doctor directly for any medical assistance.

Sometimes we are able to negotiate a better cost with the clinics so as to be able to offer  these treatments to as many people as possible.

ART treatments are expensive. And you cannot take too many chances. The easiest way to lower the cost of IVF is to try and get it right in the first go, which is why we only list of providers that have a clean track record. Any complaints from patients are considered seriously and taken up with the respective clinic/doctor.

Infact, we encourage you to share your good or bad experience with the infertility community.