Infertility diagnosis

Correct diagnosis is half the treatment. In vitro fertilization is an expensive treatment and there is no guarantee of success. An accurate infertility diagnosis is imperative to be able to succeed with any kind of fertility treatment and to save money.

IVF is the gold-standard treatment for infertility but it is not the treatment for everyone. For instance, if you’ve had multiple miscarriages due to chromosomal abnormalities in the egg or sperm, you will get the the same result even with IVF. If your doctor understands the reason for your multiple miscarriages, they may be able to recommend the right treatment before suggesting any invasive therapies.

Learn more about the various methods of infertility diagnosis and see which are applicable in your case:

There are different fertility tests for women, which allow an assessment of their ovarian reserve, quality of eggs, and a number of other factors that determine the chances of conception with or without IVF. These tests mostly check for the levels of female fertility hormones in the blood stream.

Some ultrasound scans are also done to check the health of the ovaries and the uterus.

In men, the most common fertility test is the semen analysis, which gives a general idea of the health and quantity of the sperm.

If any anomalies are found in any of these basic fertility tests, your doctor will recommend some advanced tests based on the initial reports.