Dear Doctor, I have had 8 failed cycles of IUI and 2 failed cycles of IVF. In first cycle only 4 eggs were retrieved all of them had small saccs, only two were fertilized, grade 3 embryo was transferred on day 3.

In my second cycle 16 eggs were retrieved and 8 matured and three fertilized, all three embryos died on day 4 no transfer was done. Based on the above information do you think the problem is egg quality?  


Answered by Dr. Arjunan Agilan in Malaysia

You are 32 yrs old, very unlikely it is only egg issue. Too early to blame it all on the egg. Your issue is less eggs were being fertilized, which can be due to sperm quality.

I suggest to reassess your husband’s semen and probably work towards improving the sperm quality. As for you, need to assess is there any other factors which may reduce egg quality such as endometriosis etc.

I would suggest to go for frozen embryo transfer.