IVF after tubectomy

Dear Doctor, This is Venu Gopal from India. My wife under went Tubectomy 5 months back due to miscommunication of the doctors at her labor. We wish to have another child now and we prefer to go with IVF method.

My wife was really healthy and her periods and hormonal levels was perfectly alright. Can you suggest us the whether this is the correct route or suggest me the possible better route with high success rate? Can you please let me know the success rate in my case?


Answered by Dr. Manop Janthanaphan in Phuket, Thailand

Dear Mr. Venu Gopal, we’re willing to help you complete your family.  Tubes are important for intrauterine insemination and it’s not involved in IVF process, don’t worry.

In your case I recommend to do ICSI it gives you higher success rate, but it also depends on your embryo grading, uterus, and endometrium thickness, and other tiny issues. If everything seems to be perfect,  the success rate here at Safe Fertility Center of single frozen embryo transfer (blastocyst stage) is around 60-70% (and up to 80-90% if we transfer 2 top quality embryos blastocyst stage).