Cost of IVF

Reproductive treatment costs are usually a discouraging factor for many people looking for medical help in getting pregnant.

The average cost of IVF in the US is around $12,000. Once you factor in other expenses like stimulation medication, embryoscope, genetic testing, embryo freezing, etc. this number can quickly rise to $25,000.

According to a study, a couple typically spends and average of $19,234 on a single cycle of IVF in the US, and if they ended up doing three cycles, the costs typically added upto $33,000.

The high cost of IVF treatment and its rather low success rates of just around 40-50% globally, make it a difficult, dubious decision for many couples. Usually, the costs can be reduced by understanding the exact problem and taking the path of least resistance towards your pregnancy.

If supposing, a couple is in their mid-40s, using their own gametes might give them only around a 5 percent chance of success at IVF but using donor eggs may significantly raise this possibility to 60-70%.  

Similarly, if you have been able to conceive naturally but have had repeated miscarriages due to some genetic disorder, you may have the same outcome even with an IVF, unless you get genetic testing.

The best way to overcome the anxiety related to the expenses of your fertility treatment is to first make sure you diagnose the reason for your infertility and explore all treatment options before deciding on what you should be doing. It is okay to consult with more than one fertility doctor or visit multiple clinics before spending thousands on expensive fertility treatments.

Save reproductive treatment costs and take the shortest path to pregnancy with a little research, effort, and the right guidance.


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