Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, often referred to as ICSI, is an ART method in which individual sperm are injected into the female egg for fertilization.

It is mainly used for cases of male infertility where the sperm count is very low and even in cases where the sperm is morphologically deformed because blastocyst morphology is known to remain unaffected by sperm morphology.

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How is it performed?

  • Specialized micromanipulation tools, along with high power microscopes are used for ICSI, so as to allow the embryologist to pick the best quality sperm from the given sample.
  • The embryologist then holds the mature egg in a pipette.
  • The delicate, sharp needle that is holding the sperm is then carefully inserted through the shell of the egg and the sperm is left in the inner part called the cytoplasm (thus the name, intro-cytoplasmic)
  • The eggs will be left overnight and then checked for signs of normal fertilization.
  • Upto 85% of fertilization rate is observed in ICSI cases.
  • Once the sperm is injected, it will be followed by the normal IVF procedure of embryo fertilization in the lab, followed by implantation in the woman’s womb, three-five days later.


Cost of ICSI in Chandigarh

ICSI needs specialized tools and equipment, and consequently costs a little higher for the extra step.

While most clinics do not charge extra, you can expect to add INR15,000 – INR25,000 to the cost of your IVF in Chandigarh.


Is ICSI for me?

ICSI will be suggested if:

  • There is severe male factor infertility but you do not want to go for donor sperm.
  • Your sperm are not motile enough – lesser than 35%.
  • Your sperm are morphologically abnormal.
  • Your semen samples reveal that sperm concentration is lower than 15-20 million per milliliter
  • You had very low fertilization rate in a previous IVF cycle.
Contact an infertility specialist to know if ICSI would be of help in your specific case.