Baby from IVF in Chennai

If you are looking for the most reliable clinics for IVF in Chennai, India, it is possible that you are bewildered with all the choices for clinics and are not sure of which doctor to approach.

IVF in expensive and the best way to reduce IVF costs is to go to into the treatment with highest chances of success in your first try.


Finding the best IVF doctor in Chennai

Infertility affects one in every four couples in the developing world and since IVF treatments are so expensive, you’d see so many IVF clinics at every nook and corner of the city. IVF is a sophisticated procedure and not everyone has the means to handle it.

You must consider the doctor’s expertise and experience and also know how to evaluate your IVF lab

Meet more than a few doctors if you have to, and go with the one that makes you feel confident. Experienced doctors often charge more but if their expertise justifies the high cost, you should go for a highly skilled doctor.

Often we see patients settle for cheaper treatments, and eventually end up wasting a lot of money before they see a good doctor.


Chennai IVF – success rates

Our trusted doctor in Chennai has the highest success rates in IVF, perhaps because he is also the first fertility doctor in the state and understands the procedure very well. The recorded IVF success rate is 60 percent in women under 40 years, way higher than the global average of 40-50%.

A sophisticated new technology called PGS can further improve IVF success rates as it allows the doctor to select the best quality embryo.

At times we have patients who have been dejected after failed treatments at other clinics but our on approaching us they realized that a different protocol had to be used.

However, there are many factors that decide the success or failure of IVF, and these factors are different for each couple.

To learn more about the chances of success in your specific case, get in touch via the form and have it evaluated.  


Cost of IVF in Chennai

IVF Chennai cost starts from around $4,000. This includes IVF lab charges, all investigations, doctor consultations, etc.

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Infertility Aide focuses not on cheap, but on affordable services that offer the best value for money. We’ve never received a complaint.


Time required for IVF in Chennai

The normal process of IVF requires about 18-20 days, starting on day 2 of your menstrual cycle.

If you are using your own eggs and sperm, you need to see the doctor once for an evaluation and complete treatment plan based on your reports. If you are travelling from abroad for IVF in Chennai, you can simply send over your reports for an evaluation.


Step 1:

Once the treatment plan is settled, the first step if Ovarian stimulation. The doctor will give you hormonal injections for 11-15 days and monitor the growth of follicles in your ovaries.

Although normally your ovaries only release one egg a day, this allows the doctor to collect more eggs and improve the chances of IVF success.

You can roam around during this period and carry out activities as usual, but in some women these drugs might cause a little nausea or discomfort. Your situation will depend upon how your body reacts to these medications, and you can plan your days accordingly.


Step 2:

Following these a trigger shot of HCG is given and within 40 hours, your eggs will be collected. It is an outpatient procedure that is done under anesthesia. You will be allowed to go home in a few hours. Some women feel nothing, while others feel a little pain later in the day.

On the same day, semen sample from the male partner is collected and processed.


Step 3:

The eggs are fertilized and allowed to grow under highly controlled conditions. While some clinics will transfer the embryos on day 3, most good clinics are able to grow them to blastocyst stage on day 5.

If your clinic does not blastocyst transfer as a standard procedure, it might be a red flag indicating they are not well equipped.

If you opt for PGD/PGS, it will be done at this stage.


Step 4:

The best of the embryos will be transferred to your uterus, while the remaining good ones will be frozen for future use.


Infertility Aide Advantage

IVF is a technique sensitive, sophisticated procedure and according to an EY report, only 30% of all IVF clinics in India are registered with National ART registry of India (NARI).

We check these details as well as the doctor’s experience, honesty, and skill, before we recommend the doctor.

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