IVF in Kiev Ukraine

If you’ve been unable to conceive even after months of trying and are seeking medical intervention, find the best clinics for IVF in Kiev. While IVF is recommended for many infertile patients, it is not the only solution.

Doing these required fertility tests for women and men followed by a thorough examination and consultation with a trusted fertility expert can help decide the right treatment for you.

IVF in Kiev, Ukraine

Cost of IVF In Kiev

The cost of IVF in Kiev is between €3,400 and € 3,900. This cost is inclusive of:

  • Medical tests and investigations
  • Initial consultation with the fertility expert 
  • Prescription of the protocol 
  • Medicines before puncture and after the embryo transfer (till 7 weeks of the pregnancy)
  • Embryo culture to 5 days (blastocyst)
  • Embryo transfer 
  • Interpreter services 

Doctors for IVF in Kiev

Success rates

Although average success rates in IVF can be misleading, most patients want to know a certain ballpark figure to understand where they stand, before committing to any fertility treatments. It is also the right approach.

The success rates for IVF in Kiev are around 60% for women using their own eggs and around 75% for couples undertaking donor egg IVF.

However, for an individual or a couple seeking IVF, the overall success rates mean nothing as they do not give any indication of whether or not you will success with the treatment, which is your entire goal. The average success rates are only good to assess the standards of treatment and may help you a little in selecting an IVF clinic. Even then, they must be verified by an external third party to be useful to you.

How to get started?

Embarking on your fertility journey and signing up for IVF can be scary but do not be held back by uncertainty while precious time passes by.  Fertility in both men and women declines with age and if you’re already having troubles conceiving, waiting too long might make it worse.

To start, you need to get your fertility evaluation and consult with an experienced fertility expert to understand what might be causing your problem.

Once the cause of infertility is determined, a proper treatment plan can be devised and you can even get another doctor’s opinion before proceeding.

Delayed pregnancy has started a trend of lowest-low fertility (total fertility below 1.3) across Europe and many women are seeking the help of IVF to conceive after 40. Ukraine offers some of the lowest cost IVF treatments with excellent expertise and success rates.

Make an appointment our trusted fertility experts above or write to us using the form on this page for any questions regarding your IVF in Kiev.


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