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If you’re looking for the best clinics for IVF in Ukraine, you must already be aware of the benefits of traveling to Eastern Europe for IVF. Medical centers in Ukraine have been getting a lot of international attention, as more people discover this beautiful Eastern European country for affordable IVF treatments.

Many people also travel to Eastern Europe for surrogacy as it is legal under the Ukrainian law.

Another reason to choose Ukraine for IVF is their lenient regulations and easy availability of donor eggs and sperm. Many clinics and donor agencies have large databases of potential donors and are helping couples conceive with donor eggs.

You will find plenty of options, especially if you are looking for IVF with Caucasian egg donors.

Which are the best IVF clinics in Ukraine?

While the IVF clinics are scattered all around Ukraine, many good ones are situated in the capital city, Kiev, which is also one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

While selecting your IVF clinic, make sure the clinic you are choosing has a legal license to operate from the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. It is also good to check if they are aware of international standards and practices in healthcare.

Infertility Aide works only with a few clinics across Europe and Asia that we feel confident recommending to our clients. We select IVF clinics on the basis of:

  • Technology standards and commitment to patient welfare
  • Doctors’ skill and experience
  • Success rates
  • Patient feedback

Our associate Ukrainian IVF clinics have English speaking staff with interpreters for several languages, so you feel at ease with the reciprocity.


What is the cost of IVF in Ukraine?

The cost of IVF in Ukraine is between €3,200 – €6,000. The clinics in capital city Kiev are slightly more expensive as compare to other parts of the country but it is also in accordance with their overall treatment standards.

While lower cost of treatment may be your reason to go Ukraine for IVF, you must not chastely decide on the cheapest option.

Check the standards of the clinic and ask for the services and facilities offered, along with the success rates of their treatments. You might have to pay slightly higher for better service, but it is generally worth it, if your cycle is successful.

Also, ask if the quote price is inclusive of blood tests, lab tests, drug injectables, doctor’s fee, anesthesia, and consultation.

Ukraine is one of the more reasonable countries in Europe with many options for affordable B&Bs and hotels. Local transportation and accommodation arrangements are made with prior notice.

Considering the high medical fees in the USA and Europe, the all-inclusive cost of treatments, flights, and accommodation is still much lower than overall treatment costs in other parts of the world.


Top fertility experts in Ukraine

Infertility Aide only works with experienced doctors that are as committed to patient service as we are. Some of our trusted fertility experts in Ukraine:


Treatment details and time required

You will need to allot around 2-3 weeks for your IVF treatment, which begins on the second day of your menstrual cycle.

You will be administered hormonal drugs for two weeks followed by a trigger shot that releases the eggs from the follicles.

The eggs are then collected and fertilized in a lab. The embryo is grown in controlled conditions and then transferred to the uterus on the third or fifth day.

You can also opt for genetic screening (PGS/PGD) of the embryo, which will allow the specialists to study the genetic content of the embryo before transfer, so it has better chances of success.


How long before IVF should I arrive in Ukraine?

Before you start the IVF procedure, the doctor will advise some investigations, so your treatment can be planned accordingly.

You can get the fertility tests done locally before you travel and share your reports through our online system and have your treatment plan and timeline prepared before you arrive.

Or, if you don’t mind spending more time in Ukraine, you can plan to arrive a week before your expected period, so all the investigations can be done at the same clinic before your treatment. You will then need another 15-18 days counting from day-2 of your period, when the next steps in the IVF procedure will be completed.

Is donor egg IVF in Ukraine legal?

Yes, donor egg IVF is legal and well regulated. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Healthcare, all egg and sperm donations are completely anonymous with certain international exceptions where the donor needs to sign a consent form, which allows personal data disclosure.

There are no limitations on how many times a donor can donate as there is no record keeping. All donors must be within the bracket of 18 to 35 with sperm donors having an extended bracket till 40 years and they must all go through strict medical screening.

The donors are screened for various diseases till the doctor is satisfied; this includes HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, blood group, RH factor, blood analysis, ultrasound, examination for cervical smears, and bacterioscopist analysis.

Embryo donation is also legally allowed in Ukraine. Usually, couples who have achieved their pregnancy donate their spare embryos.


What are the legal guidelines for IVF in Ukraine?

  • Surrogacy is legal and regulated well by the Ukrainian law, which states that a lady must carry or have a child of their own before they can be a surrogate for someone else
  • Unless you have genuine medical reasons, surrogacy is not permitted
  • There is no time-period for embryo and egg storage. i.e. they can be stored indefinitely
  • Legally there is no restriction on the number of embryos transferable but in most cases, the doctors will transfer one or two at a time
  • Egg and sperm donation are usually anonymous unless there is a voluntary consent
  • While there is no particular age limit according to law, most clinics do not allow treatments for women who may be over 55 years, due to medical risks


IVF Ukraine – Treatment planning

Before confirming your travel plans, make sure you are eligible for IVF treatments. 

In case of men, a standard semen analysis and for women hormonal and uterine examination is advised, along with some routine medical and blood tests.

Once you have all the reports, we’ll share them with the doctor and your specialist will tailor a treatment plan that is suitable for your specific needs.

Over 30 well-known clinics cater to international patients in the city of Kiev alone and it can get a little confusing to select the best option. Most people will only invest in IVF once and you should not take this decision lightly.

If you opt for an IVF clinic in Kiev it is important to keep in mind that living arrangements can be more expensive during the tourist season. It is advisable to plan your travel during the off season, so you can save more money there and don’t have to compromise on your selection of the IVF clinic.


Infertility Aide advantage

✓ Trusted clinics and experienced doctors
✓ Fair-price guarantee
✓ Counselor support all through your treatment
✓ Immediate grievance redressal
✓ Affordable lodging options
✓ Complete transparency in treatment
✓ Full patient confidence and satisfaction


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