Surrogacy in Chandigarh

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries a baby in her womb for another couple facing infertility, single man, or woman, who is unable to carry a pregnancy to term.

Surrogacy in Chandigarh is possibly the cheapest in the world, but with the Indian Government introducing stringent laws over the practice, the fate of commercial surrogacy in India is ambiguous.

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What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Traditional Surrogacy – In this arrangement the surrogate mother is simply inseminated with the intending father’s semen, which makes her the biological mother of the baby. Because of the possibility of legal and emotional issues, traditional surrogacy is NOT practiced in the current commercial space.

Gestational surrogacy – The egg of the intending mother and sperm of the intending father are fertilized together to form an embryo, which is then placed in the uterus of the selected surrogate mother.

Donor eggs/donor sperm may be used if required. In this arrangement the surrogate is simply carrying the baby in her womb but she has no biological connection with the baby. She is bound by a contract which guarantees that commissioning parents will be the legal guardians of the baby.

The surrogate is compensated for the entire process, which gives this practice the title of commercial surrogacy. If no money is involved, it is called altruistic surrogacy, which is completely legal in all parts of the world.

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Is surrogacy for you?

Surrogacy is not a convenience, it is a medical and legal arrangement intended only for those who are unable to have their own child using any other approach.

You can also use surrogacy services, if you are having recurrent miscarriages.

The conditions in which surrogacy may be recommended include:

  • Repeated IVF failure for no obvious reason
  • Inability of the lady to carry a pregnancy
  • Malformed/inverted/congenitally small uterus
  • Absence or removal of uterus (hysterectomy)
  • Severe infection of the uterus
  • Genetic or medical conditions which endanger the foetus or the mother during pregnancy

Sometimes surrogacy is not the solution for repeated failure, but IVF with donor eggs is. Get in touch with our Chandigarh IVF expert to know what the right course of action for you is.

Gestational surrogacy cost in Chandigarh

The cost of surrogacy in Chandigarh is between 7L to 8.5L including IVF costs, surrogate fee, lawyer’s fee, delivery charges, etc.

The whole amount is not to be paid in a go, you can pay in installments.

To better understand the costs and prices associated with surrogacy, reach out to us via the form on the right.

While the costs might seem too high, you have to note that:

  1. Surrogacy costs in India are among the lowest in the world
  2. This accounts for expenditures for nine months of surrogate care, from hiring to delivery.

However, you can save on surrogacy costs by hiring your own surrogate.

Make sure you follow the below rules for surrogate hiring and bring the lady for an examination by the doctor.

  • Surrogate should be physically and mentally healthy; ideally between 21 and 40 years of age
  • She should be free of any lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure that can complicate the pregnancy
  • She should have already borne atleast one successful baby before
  • She should be aware of the terms of the agreement

All tests will be performed and if deemed fit, you can hire your own surrogate. Remember that in this case you will be responsible for surrogate care and delivery.


Is surrogacy legal in India?

Pending surrogacy bill in the parliament, surrogacy is legal for atleast sometime. Only Indian couples are eligible who do not have a child—born or adopted—before.

To learn more about the legalities associated with surrogacy in India, you can find the latest Surrogacy Bill (2016) here.

Finding a surrogate in Chandigarh

There are several ways you can find your surrogate:

Friends & Family: It could be tricky but if someone from your own circle agrees to carry the baby, you could escape the high costs and complex legal procedures associated with surrogacy.

There have been cases where the mother of the intending mother, has successfully carried the baby for her own daughter, but it will be best if you can find someone in the age group 21-40.

Surrogacy Agency:If you are looking to hire a commercial surrogate, the doctor will introduce you to the surrogate agency that will make all arrangements between you and the surrogate mother.

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