Surrogacy in Delhi

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which another woman agrees to carry your baby in her womb, if you’re unable to do that yourself because of medical/health reasons. Surrogacy is a long and sometimes complicated journey, so it is imperative you make all the decisions carefully. If you’re looking for surrogacy in Delhi, you can expect to find the most reliable doctors and surrogate agents with Infertility Aide.

Is surrogacy right for us?

Before you start looking for the best doctors and agents for surrogacy in Delhi, you must see if you even qualify for the procedure. A lot of patients, we’ve seen, are enquiring about surrogacy when they only need IVF with donor eggs or a different approach to conventional IVF.

Surrogacy in Delhi

Surrogacy is not a luxury and nor is the treatment outcome guaranteed. It is a rather expensive arrangement, which you should only enter, if absolutely necessary.

You will qualify for surrogacy if you:

  1. Have a missing uterus or undergone hysterectomy
  2. Have had a bad accident or some medical condition that makes it impossible for you to carry a baby
  3. Have had recurrent miscarriages
  4. Extremely high blood pressure that makes pregnancy dangerous
  5. Have had multiple failed IVF cycles with no explanation

Sometimes, surrogacy is also advised in cases of unexplained infertility, if despite everything, the doctor is able to find no possible reason for your inability to conceive.

Cost of surrogacy in Delhi

Cost of surrogacy depends upon various factors and is usually determined by the agencies. Look for certified, accredited agents, who have significant experience managing surrogate journeys and are committed to the care and well-being of your surrogate and the baby she is carrying throughout the gestation period.

The total cost is influenced by several factors including:

  • Surrogate’s fee
  • Food and medicines
  • Surrogate house or lodging facilities
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel arrangements to the clinic for checkups
  • Caretakers
  • Legal fees

Some agencies charge more than others but they usually also provide better facilities and care. You want to be careful while selecting and not make this decision only on the basis of cost.

If there’s any problem in the surrogate pregnancy mid-term due to inadequate care or cheap facilities, all your money might be wasted.

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Another way to save money on surrogacy arrangements is to find someone amongst your friends or family to carry your baby.

Considerations before hiring a surrogate

Are you emotionally and financially prepared?

Besides the cost of IVF, surrogacy involves a lot of expenses related to the surrogate’s care during the nine months of pregnancy and then the delivery charges. You must factor in all the costs and see if you are prepared to bear them.

Also, whatever your reason for hiring a surrogate, be prepared to experience some unexpected emptions through the process.

Involving family and friends

Are your friends and family aware and supportive of your decision to hire a surrogate? Support from your partner as well as the people around you could be crucial during the long journey.

Is your surrogate physically and mentally healthy?

Normally our doctors evaluate the ladies thoroughly before accepting them for surrogacy programs. It is also common for surrogates to undergo psychological screening to ensure they are making this decision in sound mental health and are prepared to withstand the challenges that may be brought about by carrying another person’s baby.

What legal rights do you have in a surrogacy arrangement?

Normally the lawyers will draw up a standard agreement that will define the legal rights of the intending parents as well as the surrogate. Indian law allows the intending parents to have their names on the birth certificate of the baby, and full parental rights from the moment the child is born. However, if you have any doubts, you must clarify it with the lawyer, before starting this journey.

How do you feel about the surrogate?

This might seem trivial but it is actually quite important to feel good about the lady, who is going to carry your baby for nine months in her womb. You will be meeting her through the process and will need her support and co-operation to make it smooth. Make sure to ask questions and finalize only after you are completely satisfied.

How to start planning?

The first step is to have yours’ and your partner’s health and fertility status evaluated to ensure that you qualify for surrogacy. Don’t hesitate to consider alternatives, if you are not willing to commit to, or invest in surrogacy.

If you’re sure surrogacy is the only way for you to have a baby, you can start enquiring about the surrogates, request profiles and set up a meeting with the manager.

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