Surrogacy in Ukraine

If it is medically not possible for you to bear a pregnancy or if pregnancy-related risks are dangerous for your health, surrogacy may be the way for you. If you need it to be able to complete your family, consider surrogacy in Ukraine.

Hiring a surrogate can raise many questions for the prospective parents and it is imperative that you choose a qualified doctor and a clinic that makes you feel comfortable.

IVF and surrogacy are expensive treatments and to feel confident about the process, you can ask questions about the surrogate’s screening, living arrangements, food, tests, follow-ups, etc.

It must be noted here that surrogacy is not a luxury—it is only strictly offered to women, who are unable to carry a pregnancy because of medical reasons.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Indications for surrogacy

Surrogacy is advised if you:

  1. Have severe uterine abnormalities
  2. Have an extremely small uterus or absent uterus
  3. Have faced recurrent miscarriages even with healthy embryos
  4. Have had repeated IVF failures
  5. Are a single male or same-sex couple
  6. Have medical conditions that contraindicate pregnancy (such as thrombophilia, serious cardiac and renal diseases, antiphospholipid syndrome, severe hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
  7. Have a high risk to the health from carrying the pregnancy

If you are certain surrogacy is the only way for you to have a baby, let’s take it further:

Finding a surrogate

There are professional surrogacy agencies in Ukraine, that will share profiles of prospective surrogates. The women do it out of choice and also out of a need for money.

With more prominent clinics now offering surrogacy in Ukraine, it is being discussed more openly, thus making the process easier for women who volunteer to be your surrogates.

If you want to find your own surrogate (someone in your circle or family, who is willing to carry the pregnancy for you), you can have her undergo a few tests and see if she is approved to carry your pregnancy.

Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

The cost of surrogacy is Ukraine is between $35,000 – $60,000, depending upon the package you choose.

You also have to factor in the cost of IVF, medications, donor egg or donor sperm (if required).

Surrogacy cost in Ukraine
For more information on the process and cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, write to us via the contact form on this page.

Qualification criteria for a surrogate

The whole idea of surrogacy is to have healthy and safe pregnancy, which is being carried by another woman. So, to achieve that, it is imperative that the woman you choose to be your surrogate, is healthy and qualified to carry a pregnancy to term.

The doctor and the agency will ensure the surrogate is:

  1. In good physical and mental health
  2. Less than 40 years of age
  3. Residing in a favorable living condition
  4. Not smoking or drinking excessively
  5. Eating healthy and willing to follow the doctor’s advice
  6. Someone who has had carried atleast one pregnancy to term without any complications

Surrogacy with donor egg and sperm

If you also need donor egg IVF, Ukraine is an ideal choice because there are several egg banks that work closely with the clinics to provide these gametes.

Donor sperm is also available at quite a reasonable price.

While Caucasian profiles are more easily available in Europe, the egg banks also have some other races. All the donors are screened for common infections, diseases, and their fertility status.

Legal guidelines

Surrogacy in Ukraine has been legal since 2002, and according to the country’s legislation:

  • No additional procedures are required to obtain any court orders for the surrogacy procedure
  • Adoption of the baby is not required
  • Intended parents are considered the legal parents and their names are put on the birth-certificate
  • Surrogate or egg donor does not have any legal right over the child

Surrogacy is regulated by Article 123 of The Ukrainian Family Code and they don’t make it very complicated. Only a written consent of all parties involved is sufficient.

Ukraine for surrogacy in Europe


The medical risks associated with surrogacy can be eliminated by selecting an experienced, honest doctor, a reliable surrogate agency, and having all the screening tests done in advance.

If you meet your surrogate and ask questions, you will also feel more secure about the arrangement. 

Another possible risk is related to the citizenship of the child. If surrogacy is not allowed in your country, and the country refuses to grant citizenship to baby born via surrogacy, it could cause problems.

It is advisable to consult with a lawyer in your country and be well aware of the process of getting citizenship for your baby later.

Before flying to Ukraine for surrogacy

It is important to know that you qualify for surrogacy before you make your travel plans. Get in touch via the form on the page and we’ll arrange a virtual consultation.

You will need to get a few tests before the procedure and share the reports, so the doctor can advise on the best course of treatment and provide a timeline which will allow you to plan your travel dates.

Based on that you can make your travel and lodging arrangements.

Also, if you are not sure about the acceptance of surrogacy in your country, make sure to discuss with a local lawyer, before you enrol for the procedure.

With medical facilities that meet European standards, relatively low costs, and fairly supportive surrogacy laws, Ukraine is quickly becoming the first-choice surrogacy destination.

A BBC report in 2018 states that the demand for surrogacy in Ukraine has gone up by 1000% in the last two years alone. It could be the place where your parenthood dreams are realized, like many other couples in the world.

For more information about surrogacy in Ukraine and to see if it is the right option for you, get in touch via the form on this page.