After trying to conceive for 6 years, this patient of 31 years approached Dr. Harpreet Sidhu

Her hydrosalpinx was first corrected and then she simply conceived with IUI in Chandigarh.

Below she shares her story:

I have had a fairly urban lifestyle all my life and have been quite careless at times with regards to my physical health. Irregular meals, sleep and on the run jobs have throughout taken its toll on my body.

Being in love and marrying that same man was an absolute delight to me but not being able to conceive even after 6 years of marriage was disheartening and was pushing me to the edge.

Move to Chandigarh from Delhi was an accident but having come here and knowing about Milann was sheer destiny. It was bound to happen here and the overall experience at Milann has been truly very blissful.

We have been successful in me conceiving in our very first attempt after undergoing laparoscopy to prevent any further complications. The doctor and the entire staff have been very co-operative and are like demi-gods to us.

I truly am happy to get pregnant and very soon I hope to have a very healthy baby. Me and my husband say a big Thank you!


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