Chandigarh resident Gurmeet Kaur is now a mother of twins, but this bliss of parenthood did not come easy. Here’s the story of this 59-year-old lady, who delivered babies at her retirement.

Despite being married for years, Gurmeet Kaur had never conceived and even the use of artificial reproductive technology did not work for her. She failed at IVF about 6 times before seeking help from Dr. Nirmal Bhasin. There again, the initial IVF did not bring the desired result but Mrs. Kaur was determined to succeed.

Despite the doctor’s reluctance, Mrs. Kaur insisted on continuing the treatment and finally in the third try, she conceived through ivf with ovum donation. Obviously, everyone was delighted when the pregnancy reports came out positive, and after a smooth pregnancy, Mrs. Kaur delivered twins at her retirement. She is now a loving mother to two adorable sons, who are an year old.