Expensive IVF in Alberta leaves couples dejected; they still have options

Alberta IVF costs leaves couples dejected

The cost of IVF in Alberta, Canada, runs up to a whopping $20,000 per cycle and it is a real hurdle for infertile couples in the state, reports the CBC. 35-year-old Lindsay Mundorf and her husband were told that IVF is their only option, after they tried and failed to conceive for eight years. A single cycle of IVF in Alberta will set you back by $13,000, without the medications… Read More

5 ways to reduce IVF costs

How to reduce IVF costs

Can you really reduce IVF costs? If you are struggling to have a baby and considering infertility treatments, medical bills can mount quickly. This is especially true for couples seeking treatments like IVF, which easily run into thousands of dollars without offering any guarantee of success.  Even with these sophisticated technologies there is no guarantee of success and it might take upto three cycles of IVF to get pregnant and… Read More