Aagaard Fertility Clinic – Aarhus, Denmark

Aagaard Fertility Clinic Denmark

Awarded the Best Fertility Treatment Provider in Denmark (2021)(A Scandinavian Business Award) Aagaard Fertility Clinic is one of the most well-equipped and technologically advanced IVF centers in Denmark. Established in 2004, Aagaard is now a part of the Virtus Healthcare Group and is accredited by the Danish Healthcare Quality Program. The clinic comprises a fertility unit, a gynecology section, and a sperm bank all under one roof, enabling the doctors… Read More

Trianglen Fertility Clinic – Copenhagen, Denmark

Trianglen IVF Copenhagen Denmark

Trianglen Fertility Clinic in Hellerup is one of Denamrk’s oldest fertility clinics that has served a large number of patients over the years. Established in 1993, the clinic performs over 1,200 cycles of in-vitro fertilization annually and has evolved into one of largest IVF centers in Scandinavia. An estimated 10 percent of all births in Denmark today involve the use of IVF and the country is a world-leader in artificial… Read More