Our aim is to assist you in infertility by providing real information, easy access to reputed doctors, and helping you choose care that is:

  • Truly required in your situation
  • Supported by evidence
  • Administered with care
  • As affordable as it can be without compromising treatment standards.

Commitment to honesty and service

So many doctors and so many conflicting reviews on the internet – you never know which one is genuine. The testimonials you see on a clinic’s website are always all positive because no doctor will ever publish a negative opinion about themselves.

But when you check in other places, the same doctor may have been harshly criticized.

However, no one knows if that criticism is real or just posted by a competitor. Like you don’t know how many of the positive reviews are genuine.

Often a negative one-star review is followed by 3-4 five-star reviews to keep the overall average positive. But how do you know which reviews to trust?

This is where Infertility Aide helps. We carefully screen the doctors and liaise only with the ones we find reliable.

The reviews you see on our website have only been submitted by the patients who have actually been treated by the specific doctor or clinic. Our aim is to let you feel safe and secure in your fertility treatments.

Stress is not good for conceiving.

Ongoing support

We remain involved if you need support at any point or are dissatisfied with the service and want to switch a doctor. Although, we have never received a complaint.


At times we are able to negotiate better prices with the clinic and pass the benefits to the patient. Our aim is to provide the best value for your money. We ensure that the price offered to you is reasonable to the degree that is justified by the level of service provided.

Privacy protection

We understand your need for privacy, especially when dealing with sensitive issues like infertility. You will be assigned a unique ID that does not reveal your name or any personal information on this website. Once your treatment in complete, you can also download all your medical data and choose to remove it from our system.

Doctor matching

While all doctors here specialize in infertility treatments, even within the field some conditions are better understood by certain doctors. So if you need assistance finding the best doctor for a particular condition, reach out to us.

For any assistance in your journey to complete your family, reach out to us.