IVF in India was first performed successfully in 1981, resulting in the birth of Durga, just three months after the world’s first IVF baby was born in Britain. In the two decades since then, thousands of babies have been born at various IVF clinics in India.

Given the sheer volume of domestic and international patients, Indian IVF doctors are some of the most experienced in the world. And considering the low cost of living in the country, you could arguably get surprisingly low cost IVF packages in India.

It is important to note here that you must not be tempted by the low cost of IVF alone, and that you must ask questions and go with a clinic that feels right.

Nevertheless, you should not have any concerns over the quality of the IVF treatment just because it is priced lower. The low cost of IVF in India is attributed to the lower cost of living in the country, and as you will see, everything is quite economical.

A highly reputed IVF clinic in India will be able to perform your IVF for just about 30%-40% of the cost, elsewhere in the world.

IVF Procedure & time required

The first step is to examine the reports you have from your GP, so once you have finalized your IVF destination, send in your reports for an evaluation by the gynaecologist.

 If you need an online consultation before travelling, we will set it up with the doctor. (Consultation fee is applicable).

In most cases, you will need to be in India for 2-3 weeks, starting on the first day of your period. Ovarian stimulation drugs will be administered over the next 10-14 days, followed by a trigger shot, after which eggs will be collected under anaesthesia.

These eggs will be mixed with the semen sample and kept in the lab for 3-5 days, after which the resultant embryos will be transferred to your uterus.

You can stay the next 2 weeks for confirmation of pregnancy or fly back home after taking approval from your doctor after one day.

If your case is applicable for the IVF antagonist protocol (suppression hormones will be given first for 12-28 days), you will need to stay in India for 3-4 weeks. Read the IVF procedure details here to know if it is valid in your case.


Selecting an IVF clinic in India

IVF has become the ‘gold standard’ treatment for infertile couples and given the high demand of IVF, many small, unauthorized IVF centers have cropped up over time.

Opening their little doors without adequate equipment or supervision, sometimes, these clinics thrive merely on the grounds of aggressive promotion.

It is advisable to look for a quality IVF center that is committed to patient care and is concerned with honest practice of medicine instead of simply being a demonstration of purified air and fancy rooms.

Honesty and integrity are the two things we look for before associating with any doctor, and we also recommend you to conduct independent research and look for these qualities before making your IVF investment.

Cost of IVF in India

IVF packages in India cost $2450 and upwards, depending upon the clinic and city you choose.

U.S. U.K. India Australia Israel
$18,500 $15,000 $5,000 $12,000 $6,500

Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai are obviously a little more expensive than the smaller cities but we work only with reputed IVF clinics/chains anywhere.

Some of the top IVF centres and oldest IVF doctors of India (including those honoured with National Awards) are working with us to make affordable IVF available to all.


India – IVF packages

Infertility Aide facilitates convenient IVF vacations in India at the following locations:

The costs below are indicative of the price of self-eggs IVF cycle in India (inclusive of hormonal injections, IVF lab charges, basic investigations)

Cost of IVF in Chandigarh (Punjab) – From $3,500

Cost of IVF in Delhi – From $5,000

Cost of IVF in Ahmedabad – From $4,200

Cost of IVF in Hyderabad – From $4,500

For details of your IVF package, please get in touch using the form on the right.


IVF with egg donor in India

Should you need IVF with donor eggs, we will help you select a donor that matches your preference—Caucasian, African, Asian, etc.

Donor egg cost is not included in the above packages.

Please communicate to us your egg donor requirements, and we will get back to you with the availability and the estimated cost of hiring an egg donor.


PGD/PGS in India

If either of the parents have genetic problems that can be transferred to the offspring, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, also referred to as PGD testing, is recommended.

For IVF with PGD testing in India, you can expect to spend an extra $3,000 – $4,000 and have the quality and genetic make-up of embryos tested before they are transferred to your uterus.

NOTE: Not all patients need or benefit from PGS testing; the doctor will inform you of the best course of action for your specific case.


IVF – India Success Rate

The success rates at the best IVF clinics in India match (and are sometimes better than) the global average, which is:

  • Women under 35 years – 40 percent
  • Women under 40 years – 25 per cent
  • Women above 40 years – 14 percent

However, you should know IVF success rates are not a good measure of any clinic’s capacity because they can be manipulated.

Also, each patient has individual health and medical factors that will affect IVF outcomes.

If you want to know more about how success rates can be used to paint a nice picture of the clinic, read here. I would advise caution while selecting an IVF clinic based on its success rate.

Instead, you should connect with your doctor, ask questions that are specific to your situation, and make your decision based on that.


Legal guidelines for IVF in India

India does not allow for:

  • Commercial surrogacy (not allowed for foreign nationals)
  • Gender selection with IVF


IVF India – what you must know

  • Prepare for heat and humidity if you travel during summer months (May-September)
  • Expect traffic, noisy, crowded streets
  • Avoid street food and put your haggling skills to good use if you make any small purchases
  • While the above might concern you, know that India is a land of diversity and contrasts
  • Once inside the clinic, you will find neat, well-equipped facilities, with staff and doctors that speak fluent English
  • Many of the doctors have advanced training and education from the West and they are well aware of international standards
  • While in India for IVF, you can stay at some of the best hotels in the world, if your budget allows
  • The food can be spicy for a Western palate but you will find everything from Starbucks to KFC. At other places, you can just tell them to keep it low on spices.
For more information about IVF in India and to get your custom package details, please contact us via the form on the right.

*Prices may vary with the value of dollar against the rupee; and are subject to change without any notice

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