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Planning for IVF in Mexico can be the safe, smooth experience you want it to be if you find the right clinic and doctor that you feel comfortable. The first step is to have your fertility tests done, set up a consultation with the doctor, and then figure out your options.

IVF in Mexico

You’ll find some of the best fertility clinics in Tijuana, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta are run by highly qualified doctors, and offer world-class fertility services at a fraction of the cost.

How much does IVF cost in Mexico?

The lower cost of in vitro fertilization in Mexico is a major draw for most people, and rightly so.

IVF – ICSI$5,000 – $8,200
IVF + Genetic testing RM 30,000$9,000  – $12,500
Egg freezing$3,500 – $5,000
Donor egg IVF$6,500 – $11,500
Donor sperm IVF$6,000 – $10,000
IVF with surgical sperm extraction$6,500 – $8,500
Intra-uterine insemination$700 – $1,500
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The cost also varies with your individual preferences and any extra services you choose to opt for – hysteroscopy, embryo glue, embryoscope, etc. Normally the clinics offer a pay as you go plan that allows you to customize the plan to your own needs.
Many clinics also offer packages for IVF Mexico with fixed prices.

Is donor egg IVF allowed in Mexico?

Egg donation for IVF in Mexico is legal and well regulated. You can request for a batch of frozen eggs or select a profile of an egg donor to commission for a fresh cycle of ovarian stimulation and egg donation. The donors go through extensive screening for various medical problems. Make sure to check with your doctor regarding the egg donor’s examination reports, especially if you have any concerns about hereditary diseases.

Is IVF in Mexico safe?

Besides the local population, IVF clinics in Mexico also serve a large number of American and Canadian patients every year and majority of our clients reported that they felt secure and cared-for by their Mexican doctors.
If you have any concerns, you can start by comparing your options and requesting an online consultation with your preferred doctor. Reading reviews and hearing from patients who’ve been there before, also helps.

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Doctors for IVF in Mexico

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