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IVF in Denmark is available under the public health-care system for locals and at quite an affordable price for foreign patients.
More than 25% of Danish couples have been estimated to suffer from infertility but a 2023 report finds that the interest in fertility treatment was quite low due to lack of awareness.

IVF in Denmark
There are a few fertility clinics in Denmark that have highly experienced doctors with over 30 years of international experience.

How much does IVF cost in Denmark?

The cost of IVF in Denmark starts around $3,150 or DKK 22,000. For Danish residents, IVF is free in Denmark. Public health services in the country cover upto 3 IVF cycles for all Danish residents.
For people of other nationalities, the costs are as below:

IVF – ICSI€3,500 – €4,800
IVF + Genetic testing RM 30,000€7,500 –  €8,800
Egg freezing€2,000 – €2,800
Donor egg IVF€6,700 – €8,500
Donor sperm IVF€3,700 – €4,500
IVF with surgical sperm extraction€4,300 – €5,000
Intra-uterine insemination€300 – €400

If you opt for extra services like AHA (assisted hatching) with Saturn Laser, genetic testing, chromosome analysis, the package will be upgraded accordingly.

What is the age limit for IVF in Denmark?

While there is no upper age limit for men, women are allowed to get IVF only upto the age of 46 years.
Women between the ages of 40 and 46 years can avail any fertility treatment at private clinic. The age limit to get IVF at any public fertility clinic in Denmark is 40 years for women.

The regulations for Artificial Reproductive Technology in Denmark are quite liberal as below:

  • IVF is allowed for heterosexual as well as homosexual couples
  • IVF for single women is allowed
  • Pre-genetic testing is allowed if it is medically indicated
  • Embryos and eggs may be frozen for a maximum of five years
  • ‘Parent suitability’ is must for any client
  • You have the right to report any patient safety incident

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Doctors for IVF in Denmark

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