Infertility Aide

IVF treatments can cause a lot of anxiety for any couple, and the best way to overcome all that apprehension is to select a doctor that you feel confident about.

The IVF procedure runs over a couple of weeks and will require multiple visits to the hospital. If you are not entirely comfortable with the doctor you have chosen, you will never be at ease and stress is bad for conceiving.

Amidst so many clinics and even more conflicting opinions, selecting the right IVF clinic can get difficult. We sincerely believe that the experience and expertise of your chosen doctor should be your top criteria for deciding on an IVF clinic.

Infertility Aide works only with a few doctors, whose credentials and expertise has been verified.

Listed below our trusted doctors for IVF in Thailand – so you feel you are in safe hands.



Request treatment/consultation with any of our trusted IVF doctors in Thailand and learn about IA specials with them. Or get in touch with us for doctor recommendation.


What it means to be an Infertility Aide trusted doctor:

Infertility Aide works only with the that doctors we find to be honest and fair in their practice. We have never received a complaint. We insist you ask questions to the doctor and we remain available through the process.