Kim Kardashian’s fourth Baby comes via surrogacy

Kim Kardashian’s fourth baby is here and without even showing his face, the little one has already garnered a lot of interest. Kardashian and her husbdand, Kanye West, welcomed the baby, who was born via surrogacy. On May 10th 2019, Kardashian announced the birth of her son via Twitter, “He’s here and he’s perfect! He’s also Chicago’s twin, I’m sure he will change a lot but now he looks just… Read More

Smoking and pre-eclampsia may cause fertility problems for offspring

Hypoxia (low levels of oxygen in the womb) caused by smoking and pre-eclampsia may cause infertility for the offspring in the womb, later in life.  These findings were revealed in a recent research conducted by the University of Cambridge based on a study of rats, which premeditated that lower levels of oxygen cause faster ageing of the ovaries. The study was conducted to help draw the parallels on how low… Read More

Katie Lee’s infertility struggles and social media revelation

Katie Lee’s infertility struggles recently came out in the open after the celebrity chef got weary of the unnecessary scrutiny around her pregnancy and decided to talk about it through social media. In a lengthy Instagram post, the Food Network star opened up about her infertility issues, mentioning how the intrusion of her fans and the people around her is taking a toll on her. “I get multiple messages a… Read More

Three-person baby born in Greece; more hope for infertile couples

A woman in Greece gave birth to a 2.9 kg baby boy through the controversial three-person conception method. This procedure involves combining the DNA and gametes of three people in the process of IVF. Both the mother, a 32-year-old woman who has suffered four failed IVF cycles, and the child are said to be healthy. Many experts are critical of this pregnancy as the three-person procedure was not initially meant… Read More

Growing demand for Donor egg IVF boosts fertility tourism around the world

The donor egg IVF market is expected to grow by more than 100% by 2025, recent research has found. According to a recent report by the Allied Market Research, the industry accounted for $1,668 million in 2017 and will more than double to $3,290 million by the year 2025.   Factors fueling the growth of donor egg IVF market As per the report, the below factors are responsible for this… Read More