IVF in Denmark

Low-cost IVF with the Denmark’s top fertility experts

If you’re among the millions of people who’re facing infertility and are troubled by the high costs of fertility treatments, consider IVF in Denmark. The Nordic country boasts of being one of the world’s most peaceful population and a robust healthcare system.

However, not all clinics or doctors are alike and if you decide to go through in vitro fertilization, you want to go in with the highest chances of success in the very first go. It is imperative that you ask questions and proceed only where you feel confident.

IVF in Denmark

While success in IVF cannot be guaranteed, an experienced doctor will be able to guide you better and follow the right treatment approach. A clinic’s capability, in terms of infrastructure, business systems, use of technology, and overall commitment to honest healthcare practices, is also extremely important in helping realize your parenthood dreams.

Infertility Aide partner clinics are responsible and reliable, and follow international best practices.

We encourage you to discuss your situation in detail with qualified doctors before finalizing your IVF plan or starting any treatment.

Do even you need IVF?

Conception can take time even in a young, normal couple and you must not to jump to IVF just because you’ve not been able to get pregnant for a few months.

In women under 35 medical intervention is recommended only if you’ve not been able to conceive naturally after trying for 12 months but if you’re over 35, you’re recommended to approach the doctor if you haven’t been able to conceive after trying for 6 months.

If you’re in that situation, the first step is to get some investigations done. We will send you the list of tests and once you get the reports, they’ll be shared with the doctor(s) so you can the right advice before starting the treatment.

If you’ve already met with your local gynecologist, have undergone all the investigations with valid results, and are sure that IVF is required, you can simply get a timeline for your treatment and set up an appointment.

How much time is required?

The treatment stretches over 15-20 days but you don’t have to visit the clinic every day during that time and if you know the steps of the IVF procedure, you can plan your days much better.

The protocols might vary somewhat with clinics but normally the IVF procedure involves:

  1. Ovarian stimulation and egg collection
  2. Sperm collection and washing
  3. Fertilization and embryo development
  4. Embryo transfer after 3-5 days of growth in the lab

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What is the Cost of IVF in Denmark?

The cost of IVF in Denmark starts from €3,360, which is amongst the lowest in Europe. This does not include medications, embryo freezing, ICSI, PGT, etc. as the needs of each patient vary.

You can avail 25% – 35% discount (depending upon your age) on a 3-cycle pack. It provides a little bit more security but if on discussing with the doctor, you find there are good chances of success, you don’t really need to put in money for the multi-pack.

What are the Legal regulations for IVF in Denmark?

The regulations for Artificial Reproductive Technology in Denmark are quite liberal as below:

  • IVF is allowed for heterosexual as well as homosexual couples
  • IVF for single women is allowed
  • Donor egg IVF and donor sperm treatments are legally allowed and nicely regulated
  • The donors may be anonymous, extended profile, open donor or someone that you bring along on your own
  • These treatments may be offered to women upto the age of 46 years
  • Pre-genetic testing is allowed if it is medically indicated
  • Embryos and eggs may be frozen for a maximum of five years
  • ‘Parent suitability’ is must for any client
  • You have the right to report any patient safety incident

Is Donor egg IVF in Denmark legal?

There is a significant database of donors to match with and you can also bring in your own donor, who is a friend or family (cannot be mother or daughter).

If you want to get eggs from the egg bank it can be either anonymous or open donation.

In case of anonymous donation, you will see the profile but not get any major information about the donor’s identity and neither will she know about you ever.

If it’s an open donation, the child will be given the right to contact the donor if they want, after they have reached the adult age of 18 years.

IVF Denmark packages

We offer IVF at below two locations in Denmark:

IVF in CopenhagenIVF in Aarhus
For more information regarding and your customized treatment plan for IVF in Denmark, please write to us using the form on this page.


How to prepare?

There are a few things you must know before starting IVF, including information about your hormone levels (indicative of your egg quality and quantity), your partner’s semen quality, and possibly, the reason for your infertility.

Once you know the reason for infertility, you can take steps to improve the chances of success in your IVF by making small lifestyle changes to improve egg quality or enhance sperm count.

Besides preparing physically for IVF it is also important to consider the financial and emotional aspects of the treatment.

These treatments are expensive and if you’re a foreigner seeking IVF in Denmark, you will also have to factor in traveling and lodging expenses.

Copenhagen Denmark for affordable IVF

You will be a lot more relaxed during the treatment if you’ve taken into consideration all the above factors and have had all your questions answered by the doctor.

What are my chances of Success?

The average recorded success rates are between 46% and 58% with fresh and frozen embryo transfer respectively.

Average IVF success rates are often an inaccurate representation of the picture and instead of blindly following them, it is always better to check with the doctor regarding the possibility of success in your specific situation.

Going to Denmark for fertility treatment

Located in Northern Europe, Denmark is known for its high quality of life and commitment to clean energy. The Scandinavian country has one the world’s most peaceful and happiest populations.

The capital, Copenhagen, and other cities like Aarhus have plenty of activities for the tourists. However, staying in these big cities can be quite expensive, especially when you have to spend 18-20 days for an IVF treatment there.

If you don’t want to live in a hotel for over two weeks, consider AirBNB or a rented apartment near your clinic.

If you plan to do a lot of sight-seeing and touristy things while in the country, it may be useful to get the city tourism card that will allow you to get discounts and even free admission to several museums and other places. Transportation is also included.

Traveling to Denmark for IVF may cause some stress and anxiety initially but if you are well prepared about the trip and know all important aspects about the fertility treatment, you will feel easy and a lot more secure. Check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, if you need to apply for Danish visa.

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