IVF in Denmark

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Around 26% of Danish couples have been estimated to suffer from infertility and while IVF in Denmark is available under the public health-care system, the researchers found a relatively lower interest in fertility treatment due to lack of awareness.

The fertility rate in Denmark has been declining since 2010, according to a 2023 report published by the Statista Research Department.

IVF in Denmark

While success in IVF cannot be guaranteed, an experienced doctor will be able to guide you better and follow the right treatment approach. A clinic’s capability, in terms of infrastructure, business systems, use of technology, and overall commitment to honest healthcare practices, is also extremely important in helping realize your parenthood dreams.

Why is IVF so popular in Denmark?

IVF in Denmark for foreigners is attractive because of its relatively low cost, liberal regulations, availability of altruistic donors, and overall high standards of medical care.

For Danish patients, the first few cycles of IVF are offered for free, so if you’re a citizen of Denmark, you could benefit from that.

How much does IVF cost in Denmark?

The cost of our IVF package in Denmark starts just around $3,150 or DKK 22,000. This includes anesthesia, lab supplies and sperm preparation, ovum pickup, embryo culture and transfer, doctor and nurses’ fee, etc.

IVF medication and other add-ons may cost around $900 – $1,200, depending upon your individual requirements.

For Danish residents, IVF is free in Denmark. Public health services in the country cover upto 3 IVF cycles for all Danish residents.

Which is the best IVF clinic in Denmark?

If you’re looking for the best fertility clinic in Denmark, you might find yourself confused with all the options. Infertility Aide works only with the few doctors and clinics that have the best infrastructure, expertise, and are consistently rated well by our clients.

Copenhagen Denmark for affordable IVF


Aagaard Fertility Clinic

Aagaard Fertility Clinic

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4.5 - 1 reviews
Languages: Malay, English, Chinese Services: test Price range: RM 200 - RM 31,000 Response time: 10min
Trianglen Fertility Clinic

Trianglen Fertility Clinic

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Languages: Malay, English, Chinese Services: test Price range: RM 200 - RM 31,000 Response time: 15 mi

Top doctors for IVF in Denmark

Dr. K Marky

Dr. K Marky

Experience: 36 years Languages: English Specialities: Heart
Dr. A Cisse

Dr. A Cisse

4.5 - 1 reviews
Experience: 25 years Languages: English Specialities: Legs

Is egg donation IVF in Denmark legal?

Yes, Denmark allows IVF with donor eggs for women with low ovarian reserve or poor-quality eggs.

Danish laws allow both anonymous and open egg donation, which means that you can either keep the identity of the donor completely hidden or if you choose, you may leave the option open for your child to contact the egg donor after he reaches adulthood.

Egg donation in Denmark is mostly altruistic, so unlike in most other countries there’s no separate compensation for the donor except for the medical expenses.

Double donation—the usage of both donor sperm and donor eggs in a single IVF cycle— is also legally allowed in Denmark now.

What are the other Legal regulations for IVF in Denmark?

The regulations for Artificial Reproductive Technology in Denmark are quite liberal as below:

  • IVF is allowed for heterosexual as well as homosexual couples
  • IVF for single women is allowed
  • Pre-genetic testing is allowed if it is medically indicated
  • Embryos and eggs may be frozen for a maximum of five years
  • ‘Parent suitability’ is must for any client
  • You have the right to report any patient safety incident

What is the age limit for IVF in Denmark?

While there is no upper age limit for men, women over the age of 46 years are not allowed to get IVF treatment in Demark.

Danish law permits women only upto 46 years to avail any fertility treatment at private clinic. The age limit to get IVF at any public fertility clinic in Denmark is 40 years for women.

What is the success rate of IVF in Denmark?

The success rate of IVF highly depends upon your individual factors, gamete quality, and the reason or your infertility. However, there are some clinic factors that might affect your IVF success such as their infrastructure, technology, doctor’s experience, capability, commitment to patients’ interests.

In Denmark, the success rate of IVF with fresh embryo transfer is around 55% for younger patients and overall around 40% average across all categories.

With the use of donor eggs and pre-implantation genetic testing, an average success rate of around 50% is reported.

How to prepare?

There are a few things you must know before starting IVF, including information about your hormone levels (indicative of your egg quality and quantity), your partner’s semen quality, and possibly, the reason for your infertility.

Once you know the reason for infertility, you can take steps to improve the chances of success in your IVF by making small lifestyle changes to improve egg quality or enhance sperm count.

Besides preparing physically for IVF it is also important to consider the financial and emotional aspects of the treatment.

These treatments are expensive and if you’re a foreigner seeking IVF in Denmark, you will also have to factor in traveling and lodging expenses.

You will be a lot more relaxed during the treatment if you’ve taken into consideration all the above factors and have had all your questions answered by the doctor.

Going to Denmark for fertility treatment

Located in Northern Europe, Denmark is known for its high quality of life and commitment to clean energy. The Scandinavian country has one the world’s most peaceful and happiest populations.

The capital, Copenhagen, and other cities like Aarhus have plenty of activities for the tourists. However, staying in these big cities can be quite expensive, especially when you have to spend 18-20 days for an IVF treatment there.

If you don’t want to live in a hotel for over two weeks, consider AirBNB or a rented apartment near your clinic.

If you plan to do a lot of sight-seeing and touristy things while in the country, it may be useful to get the city tourism card that will allow you to get discounts and even free admission to several museums and other places. Transportation is also included.

Traveling to Denmark for IVF may cause some stress and anxiety initially but if you are well prepared about the trip and know all important aspects about the fertility treatment, you will feel easy and a lot more secure. Check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, if you need to apply for Danish visa.

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