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If you’ve been struggling to conceive and planning for IVF, don’t be disheartened with the high costs or long waiting lines in your local healthcare system—consider IVF in Mexico.

Hundreds of couples go across the border every year to get a chance at fulfilling their parenthood dreams, and it could be your way to complete your family too.

Success in IVF is never guaranteed and obviously, the high cost of this treatment makes people even more nervous. It is imperative that you do not compromise on the standards of care just to get it at a lower price and Infertility Aide is committed to connecting you with skilled, experienced doctors and clinics that we trust.

What is the success rate of IVF?

Artificial reproductive technology has only been around for forty years and average success rates are only around 50 percent. However, recent advancements in medical science have enhanced our understanding of the procedure and helped improve the chances of success.

The more we understand the reasons for IVF failure, the closer we can come to making it successful.

Technologies like Preimplantation genetic screening are being increasingly used to check the quality of embryos, which is a major factor for deciding the treatment outcome.

IVF Mexico

To assess the sperm, the doctors will do semen analysis and may recommend advanced tests like sperm DNA fragmentation testing; also, if the egg quality or number is not considered optimal, you may be recommended IVF with donor eggs.

Getting some investigations done before the procedure will help the doctor assess your current fertility status and advise on the right treatment plan. If required, they may also suggest some advanced fertility tests before you can start the treatment.

Careful treatment planning and genetic screening of embryos have contributed to better IVF outcomes for our clients.

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What is the cost of IVF in Mexico?

Unfortunately, some private medical practices are making false declarations about IVF cost in Mexico while a look their own reviews reveals how their own customers felt cheated after being promised low cost IVF in the US.

IVF in Mexico costs $5,700; this cost is inclusive of the IVF lab procedure, egg retrieval, fresh embryo transfer, and freezing of remaining embryos for one year. It is imperative that you do not compromise the quality of treatment only to get low-cost IVF in Mexico.

We work with only the top fertility experts in Mexico and try to ensure highest levels of satisfaction.

For more information about IVF in Mexico and our current specials, get in touch via the form on this page.

IVF Mexico packages

Our typical IVF package includes:

Ovarian stimulation medicationUltrasounds and follicular monitoring
Egg retrievalIVF lab charges
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)Embryo culture (upto day 5); special time-lapse incubators are provided, if available
Assisted hatching (if applicable)One embryo transfer (fresh or frozen)
Doctor’s fee and anesthesia chargesUse of hospital facilities, disposables, etc.

Leftover embryos can be kept frozen for future use; we offer FREE cryopreservation of embryos for one year.

You must truly understand the cost of IVF in Mexico, why it is more affordable there and what are the possible concerns, before making the decision.

About the procedure

Is it painful?No, you will remain sedated during the procedure and not feel anything
Preparation:No food or liquid to be consumed on the day of the procedure
Is overnight stay required?No, you will be allowed to go home in 3-4 hours
Are there any risks?Mild discomfort and bloating is common. Serious complications are rare.
Post-op instructionsYou won’t be allowed to drive back home or exercise for the next 2 days

The quality of gametes is an important deciding factor for conception and women with poor ovarian reserve may have to consider donor eggs. The full donor egg package in Mexico costs $9,450 (including donor fee).

IVF with donor eggs is legally allowed in Mexico and egg donors of various races are available. If you have a friend or relative, who is willing to donate their eggs, you can bring them along but they must undergo screening to the doctor’s satisfaction.

Donor egg IVF Mexico

Any woman is considered fit to donate only if she meets certain health and fertility criteria.

Before you go for IVF in Mexico

The fact that success rates in IVF can be misleading and reviews can be manipulated should tell you which factors to NOT rely on, while selecting your IVF clinic.

Instead, you must consult with the doctor and ask for success in cases like yours.

We are careful in only associating with doctors that match our commitment to patient safety and comfort, and we always check for the clinic’s credibility, the staff response, and their attitude towards fertility treatments.

How much time is required?

A typical IVF cycle requires between 18-20 days but it really depends upon the treatment required and the protocol being followed.

If for instance, you opt for genetic screening with IVF, you may be allowed to return after your eggs and sperm have been collected, but will have to take a second trip for the receiving the embryos that have undergone PGS.

After discussing your medical and fertility history, and considering other factors like hormone levels, uterine lining, overall health and age, the doctor will be able to advise on the treatment and the time required for it.

The doctors that take the time to answer your questions will make you feel a lot more relaxed and confident than someone who is just trying to sell a package.

Also, IVF is not always the first line of treatment for everyone. An honest doctor should tell you what is recommended and if you should take a chance at say, artificial insemination before IVF.

Make sure you have all your questions answered, and if you don’t feel fully confident, consult with more than one doctor to see how you want to go about it.

How to get started?

If you have been trying to conceive for over a year without any luck, it is time for medical intervention. The importance of timely treatments for infertility cannot be stressed enough.

While people keep waiting, planning to make time for IVF, their fertility keeps declining, thus reducing the chances of successful conception. You must seek consultation as soon as possible.

Send in your requirements and briefly explain your situation via the form on this page. A few tests will be advised—you can get them done locally or in Mexico.

Five million babies have been born with the help of IVF since the arrival of the world’s first IVF baby—Louise Brown.

Infertility is more common than you think; it doesn’t have to keep you up at night thinking if you’ll ever be able to complete your family. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 1.7 percent of the babies born in the US every year, are conceived with the help of artificial reproductive technology.

While you want to save money on IVF, it is imperative that you do not compromise on the treatment standards. Fill the form on this page to get in touch for more information and current special offers on IVF in Mexico.


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