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IVF is expensive, and with global success rates of around 40 percent, it could be a difficult decision. But as for many other medical reasons, many people now travel thousands of miles for IVF in Thailand not only because it is cheaper, but also for the readily available, well-established medical care, the warmth and hospitality, and for an escape from the daily grind.


No-stress IVF vacation

Stress is known to be a major factor for causing infertility and trying IVF on a tranquil beach vacation, while not having to worry too much about the costs, might just actually help.

I’m not claiming that the sun, sand, and sea in Thailand would definitely help you conceive, but if it is cheaper as compared to the cost of IVF in your local healthcare system and it allows for a peaceful holiday amidst long-established Thai hospitality, it might be worth a try.

This British couple failed four attempts of IVF in the UK, traveled to Thailand for their one last try after 14 years of struggle, and gladly returned with twins.

As the world discovers the potential of Thailand as a preferred medical destination, hundreds of couples from Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and even Hong Kong, Japan, and USA travel to Thailand for infertility treatments, and we just make it easier.


What is the cost of IVF in Thailand?

IVF in Thailand cost starts from $7,500 and goes upto around $11,000, depending upon your individual situation.

The cost is inclusive of hormone injections, lab procedures, basic investigations, anesthesia, and doctor’s fee. So, barring the absence of unwanted complications (which are rare in IVF) or any special needs in your case, you will not have to pay anything over the cost communicated to you.

If you are travelling from abroad, you will also have to factor in the flight and accommodation expenses.

Our care team member assist you find accommodation near the hospital at special discounted prices that are exclusive to our clients.

Depending upon your budget and preferences, you can expect to spend around $1,200 – $4,500 for a month-long stay in Thailand.

Even after you total up the travel, lodging and treatment expenses, the cost of an IVF vacation in Thailand would be significantly lower than the cost of an IVF cycle in the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia.

Who are the top IVF doctors in Thailand?

View all of our trusted doctors for IVF in Thailand.

How much time is required for IVF?

You will need to be in Thailand for a little over 2 weeks, with your first appointment planned on the day 1 of your period.

The hormonal pills and injections will be administered for 11-15 days (depending upon the requirement which is determined by your age and fertility status), followed by a trigger shot and egg collection. This will be followed by the actual IVF procedure of mixing the eggs with sperm and waiting for the embryos to grow.

They will be checked for growth and subsequently transferred to your uterus at day 3 or day 5 (blastocyst transfer).

The higher priced packages of IVF are inclusive of PGD/PGS testing, which allows the doctor to check the genetic content of each embryo before transferring the best ones.

Please note: Gender selection is illegal in many countries and we do not offer it. PGS is considered only in the below situations. Do NOT contact for gender selection.

In case you are tight on time and cannot stay in Thailand for 3-4 weeks for IVF treatment, we will help you coordinate with the doctor and the first part of ovarian stimulation could be done at your local doctor’s office.

Then you will need 12 days for IVF treatment in Thailand, instead of four weeks.


How to select your IVF clinic in Thailand?

We check for the following in a clinic/doctor, and recommend you do the same:

  • Credibility of the hospital and overall reviews
  • Credentials and expertise of the doctor
  • Honesty and reliability in medical practice

In addition, you should check for language compatibility (English in Thailand could be a little bit of a problem, but not so much in major hospitals and tourist places that regularly get Western tourists)

Although, the claims of exceptionally high success rates in IVF could be misleading, it does not hurt to ask the doctor for success in cases just like yours

I’m stressing the importance of asking for the chances of success in cases that had similar conditions as you, instead of going for the overall success rate, which reflects plenty of couples with minor or major problems that may not be relevant to you.

People who come here from the West, find that level of care and consideration in Thailand’s IVF clinics is way more than what they got back home.

Is donor egg IVF allowed in Thailand?

IVF with commercial donor eggs is banned by the Govt. of Thailand and no registered clinic will offer this service.

You can consider IVF with donor eggs in Malaysia, where some of our leading doctors have been able to produce upto 79.5% success rates. Another destination in Asia for donor egg IVF is India, where you can get really affordable services.

What are the legal guidelines for IVF in Thailand?

The following are not legally allowed:

  • Commercial surrogacy
  • Commercial egg donor
  • Commercial sperm donor
  • Gender selection
  • IVF for single mothers or fathers


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IVF Thailand packages

We offer IVF packages in Thailand at below two locations:

IVF in Bangkok IVF in Phuket
To start planning your IVF trip to Thailand, write to us using the form on the right. If interested in travelling around the country and sight seeing, please mention so.


Before coming to Thailand for IVF

Our doctors advise a basic fertility workup for couples intending to travel to Thailand for IVF.

This allows for the doctor to check your fertility status and ensure there are no findings in your report that can thwart the chances of IVF success.

Of course, you can get these tests in Thailand (where they are obviously cheaper) but if you are travelling only for IVF it is advisable to get the tests locally and send in the reports. You wouldn’t want to travel half-way across the globe only to find your Thai IVF doctor recommend against IVF.

The recommended work up is:


  1. CBC, Blood group, HB typing
  2. Semen analysis


  1. General physical examination with BMI
  2. Pelvic examination and pap smear of cervix
  3. Transvaginal ultrasound on day 12 of menstrual cycle
  4. Blood test on day 2 of period: FSH, LH, Prolactin, Estradiol, AMH
  5. CBS, Blood group, HB typing, Anti HIV, VDRL, Anti HCV, HBsAg, Rubella IgG, Thyroid function test, CA 125

You can mail the reports and get the IVF treatment plan formulated by the doctor just for you.

For more information about IVF in Thailand, please write to us at care(at) or contact us using the form on the right.


*The above prices are subject to change without prior notice. Price may vary with the rate of USD against the Thai Baht.


Review Overview
Cleanliness & infrastructure
Cost & value for money
Staff behavior
My experience with IVF Phuket was really good in many ways. Marina was very professional, friendly and helpful. I was really happy to have her as my coordinator.
Dr. Manop was also quite good. He is professional and I believe he knows well what he is doing. The clinic is also very clean and the same standard of the fertility clinic I was going to in the U.S. 
Unfortunately, I was not able to do IVF because I didn't respond enough to the stimulation. In the end, we did IUI. It was disappointing to travel all the way there and not have it work out but I don't think there was much else we could have done considering it was my first try with IVF.