Sperm freezing – Cost, Benefits, & Risks

Sperm freezing procedure

Fertility preservation is not just for women. Men also lose sperm count and mobility with age, and sperm freezing is your fertility insurance for the future. Also known as cryopreservation of semen or sperm banking, it is a rather simple procedure that takes little time. Similar to egg freezing, it involves storing the male sperm for fertility treatments in the future. According to research by Niels Jorgenson from the University… Read More

Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients

Fertility preservation in cancer patients

Cancer treatments can be harsh on the body and they often put the patients at a great risk of jeopardizing their fertility. But you don’t have to risk your future parenthood because of chemo or radiotherapy, as fertility preservation is cancer patients is totally possible now. The practice of successful fertility preservation has been around for two decades. It has provided cancer survivors with the ability to successfully store their… Read More

Should you freeze your eggs? Things you must know before egg freezing

Egg freezing in your 30s

As many of us worried about our declining fertility with age, did you ever consider egg freezing as an option to extend your childbearing years? Do you know what the right age to freeze your eggs is? Should you even consider egg freezing? Oocyte cryopreservation is a remarkable technique that allows women to lock their fertility potential at a certain age. Female fertility declines as the quality of eggs deteriorates… Read More

Artificial ovary could help preserve your fertility

Female egg preservation

In a major breakthrough to fertility preservation, scientists have been able to create an artificial ovary, which could be used to grow human eggs in future. It is especially significant for women who have the risk of turning infertile because of cancer therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or other medical treatments that are detrimental to fertility, such as therapies for multiple sclerosis or beta thalassaemia. What is an artificial… Read More