Infertility can be overwhelming, and so can be finding the right IVF doctor. With so many options, you don’t really know what to believe when most clinics have similar ratings and reviews. It is easy to manipulate reviews on the internet, which is why selecting an IVF clinic is not as straightforward as it may seem.

We normally check the doctor’s credentials, their experience in dealing with specific cases (for e.g some doctors are better at donor egg cases, others know more about PGS with IVF), and their overall conduct and honesty in treatments. We always collect patient feedback to ensure the patients also feel confident and are counselled well by the doctor they are getting treatment with.

Another factor is to check clinic credibility, their overall standards, and treatment protocol.

Infertility Aide only works with a few doctors for IVF in Malaysia that we would feel confident sending our friends and family to.


Request treatment/consultation with any of our trusted IVF doctors in Malaysia and learn about IA specials with each. Or get in touch with us for any recommendation.