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If you are looking for the best in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics in Malaysia, it’s important to consider the success rates, experience, reputation, facilities, and cost. IVF is a complex and sensitive medical procedure that requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced team.

There are numerous well-established IVF clinics in Malaysia that offer world-class fertility treatments using advanced technologies and techniques and selecting an IVF clinic may be a tad overwhelming.

Most people will take only one or two chances at IVF and to get the best value for your money, you want to try and succeed in the first chance. So, select your doctor and clinic carefully.

IVF in Malaysia

How much does IVF cost Malaysia?

The average cost of IVF in Kuala Lumpur starts at around RM 19,000.

Typical IVF package includes:

  • Medications for ovarian stimulation
  • Labs and ultrasounds for monitoring
  • Doctor’s fee for the whole cycle
  • Anesthesia
  • Ovum pick-up and embryo transfer
  • Anesthesia services during the egg retrieval
  • Other IVF lab services such as semen processing and sperm selection, sperm freezing, fertilization of the egg and embryo culture, embryo freezing and thawing (if required)

Instead of wondering which IVF clinic has the highest success rate in Malaysia, you can consult with more than one doctor if you’re not satisfied.

It is important to go into IVF feeling confident about the doctor and the clinic you have chosen.

Best IVF clinics in Malaysia

KL Fertility Center

KL Fertility Center

Logo KL, Malaysia
5.0 - 6 reviews
Languages: Malay, English, Chinese Services: IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor egg IVF, donor sperm IVF, PGT Price range: RM 200 - RM 31,000 Response time: 24 hours
Alpha Fertility Center

Alpha Fertility Center

Logo Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
5.0 - 1 reviews
Languages: English, Malay, Chinese Services: IVF, ICSI, IUI, Pre-implantation genetic testing, IUI, Price range: RM 200 - RM 55,000 Response time: 24 hours

Is IVF covered by insurance in Malaysia?

Some insurance policies may provide coverage for diagnostic tests and procedures related to infertility, while others may cover a portion of the cost of IVF treatments. It’s important to review the terms of your insurance policy and speak with your insurer to determine if IVF is covered and to what extent.

If you do not have insurance coverage for IVF, you may consider other options such as medical loans or financing programs offered by the IVF clinics.

What is the age limit for IVF in Malaysia?

Although there is no such age restriction for IVF in Malaysia, many clinics will allow women upto 53 years or menopause, whichever comes first.

Donor eggs and donor embryos are recommended for women over 45 years, but it really depends upon your personal factors.

Can unmarried woman do IVF in Malaysia?

No, Malaysian law requires you to be married to be eligible for IVF and fertility clinics may require both partners to commence the treatment.

As a single woman, you can have your eggs frozen and plan for IVF in future. The Cryotec method of egg vitrification is the most advanced in the world that allows the doctors to achieve close to 100% freeze-thaw survival of eggs and embryos.

Best IVF specialists in Malaysia

Dr. Lam Wei

Dr. Lam Wei

MBBS, MMeD, PGD (UAE), Fellowship - IAOG
Experience: 12 years Languages: Malay, English Specialities: Infertility diagnosis, IVF
Dr. N Ain Binti Mohd Nor

Dr. N Ain Binti Mohd Nor

MBBS, MD, MRCOG (UK), Adv course in ART
5.0 - 1 reviews
Experience: 20 years Languages: English, Malay
Dr. L Wei Yew

Dr. L Wei Yew

Experience: 20 years Languages: English, Malay Specialities: IVF, egg freezing, IVF with frozen eggs and sperm, Microsorting, IVF-PGT
Dr. Paul Tay

Dr. Paul Tay

MBBS, MD, MRCOG, Advanced Diploma
5.0 - 2 reviews
Experience: 27 years Languages: English, Malay Specialities: IVF, donor egg IVF, donor sperm IVF, laparoscopic surgeries, TESA/PESA
Dr. H Hamzah

Dr. H Hamzah

MBBS, PG Training, FRCOG
Experience: 32 years Languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English Specialities: IVF, ICSI, hysteroscopy, PGD, Laparoscopic surgeries
Dr. Tan Chong

Dr. Tan Chong

5.0 - 1 reviews
Experience: 15 years Languages: English, Malay Specialities: IVF, gynecological surgeries, donor egg IVF, high risk pregnancy
Dr. Colin Lee

Dr. Colin Lee

Experience: 31 years Languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English Specialities: IVF, ICSI, PGT-A and PGT-M
Dr. P Nadkarni

Dr. P Nadkarni

5.0 - 2 reviews
Experience: 30 years Languages: Malay, English Specialities: GIFT, IVF, frozen embryo transfer, ICSI, PESA, TESA
Dr. Helena Lim

Dr. Helena Lim

MBBS, MD, MRCOG, Certificate in ART
Experience: 24 years Languages: English, Malay Specialities: IVF, ICSI, IUI, Genetic testing, donor egg and donor sperm
Dr. Wan Syahirah

Dr. Wan Syahirah

Experience: 7 years Languages: English, Malay Specialities: IVF, ICSI, IUI

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IVF labs in Malaysia

What is the success rate of IVF in Malaysia?

Our IVF clinics in Malaysia have demonstrated some of the highest success rates in IVF. With the transfer of a single good-graded euploid blastocyst, the doctors have been able to achieve over 82% success in IVF.

It is a complex technology but there’s something to learn with every cycle.

With newer technologies like PGT-A, fertility specialists in Malaysia have been able to achieve the below success rates (for the year 2021):

Female ageIVF + PGT Success
30-34 years74%
35-39 years73%
40-44 years66%

Doctors are able to achieve high success in IVF by:

  • Optimizing the stimulation process
  • Delaying IVF if required
  • Selecting the right embryo for transfer (with or without genetic testing)
  • Creating the right uterine environment for embryo implantation are

Even though it adds to the expense, PGS technology allows the doctors to select the best quality embryo, which in turn raises the chances of successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. This efficacy of PGS, has been corroborated by several independent studies around the world.

If must be noted though, PGS is more helpful in women over 35, but in younger patients the success rates of IVF with PGS or without PGS are quite at par.

Some of our top Malaysian IVF doctors have established that the transfer of a single good graded euploid blastocyst brings about the highest success rates—upto 82.9%.

How to select your IVF clinic?

Many patients, when looking for IVF, base their decision solely on the treatment cost, which could be detrimental to your parenthood dreams.

While cost in an important factor, you must not ignore that treatment quality, success rates, the doctor’s knowledge and capability, and overall clinic standards are more important factors if you want the greatest bang for your buck.

Any money you spend on a failed IVF cycle, is money wasted. Besides, the more experienced your doctor, the better equipped they are to handle any risks or complications in your IVF treatment.

We look for the following three essential qualities while selecting an IVF clinic and recommend that you also check for:

  • Education and experience of the doctor
  • Credibility of the hospital/clinic
  • Honesty in practice

Is donor egg IVF in Malaysia legal?

The quality of eggs is one of the most common reasons for IVF failure, and it declines steeply as a woman ages.

If you have low ovarian reserve or have had multiple failed cycles of IVF with your own eggs, you might have to consider an egg donor for your IVF cycle.

IVF with donor eggs in Malaysia is legally allowed and regulated well. You can send in your donor requirements like race, nationality, complexion, height, education, etc. and we will connect you with the donor bank to provide closely matching profiles.

Cost of donor egg IVF in Malaysia will depend upon the profile you choose. Donor remuneration starts from around $3,000, but the cost can be higher as it really depends upon the donor’s profile. Chinese and Asian profiles are more easily available, while Caucasian profiles are relatively more expensive. However, other factors are also considered and the cost will be provided along with the profiles.

Malaysia for affordable IVF

Is PGS/PGD testing available in Malaysia?

If you also need Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD testing with IVF, Malaysia has the finest of genetic laboratories.

You may be eligible for PGD/PGS if you have any of the following:

  • Family history of genetic diseases
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Several IVF failures
  • Previous children with genetic problems

PGD/PGS testing is also offered to females close to or over 35 years of age to check the genetic content of the embryos before transferring them to the uterus, so as to improve their chances of a successful pregnancy.

International patients in Malaysia

According to media reports, Chinese couples, frustrated with the long waiting lines in their own country, flock to Malaysia for IVF.

Not just China, patients from Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, United States, UAE, Qatar, and African countries also come to Malaysia to benefit from the advanced IVF infrastructure and excellent facilities.

We see a lot of patients delaying their treatments while they keep planning. It is good to take time to plan if you are in your 20s or early 30s, but research suggests that advanced age can cause conception problems later in life, even with IVF.

So, if you are unable to conceive even after trying for 6 months, it is advisable to atleast get medical opinion. You don’t know how much money and emotional trauma you can save by giving timely attention to infertility.

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