Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the concentrate of platelets derived from your own blood. Being rich in growth factors, it is being popularly used for tissue regeneration in various diseases. One such use is P-shot for men.

On analyzing the available literature on PRP use for ED, researchers found that it has the potential for treating male sexual dysfunction and may be useful in andrology.  

P-shot is named after Priapus, the Greek god of male regenerative power. It was coined by Dr. Charles Runels after he first tried it on himself. If you’re considering P-shots in Thailand, you can take upto 5 shots or less and even bundle it along with another treatment such as low-intensity shockwave therapy.

P-shot for men in Thailand

What does the P-shot do?

By injecting platelet rich plasma, men can expect:

  • Reduction of ED
  • Longer-lasting and firmer erections
  • More blood flow and better circulation
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Better orgasms
  • Improvement in the function of other therapies such as Viagra

How do P-shots for men work?

The improvement in male sexual performance with a P-shot may be attributed to:

  • Restoration of some cells and tissues
  • Enhanced vascular supply
  • Establishment of new neural pathways

Some of it may also be due to the placebo effect.

The researchers did not find any significant risks or side-effects to the treatment, but also said the data was limited to establish its efficacy in improving male sexual function.

What does the procedure entail?

It is a simple, painless procedure that takes around 45 minutes in-office. A sample of your blood is taken and put in the centrifuge machine. The spinning action separates the active ingredients, which are injected into your penis after the application of an anesthetic.

No creams, pills, or sprays are used in this minimally-invasive procedure and there is no downtime.

You will soon be able to experience improved sexual performance and possibly a reduction in premature ejaculation.

P-shot cost in Thailand

The cost for each P-shot is THB 9,900. Around 5 shots are recommended to bring about the proper effect. You can avail a discount package for the whole therapy and one FREE doctor consultation.

For more information, current specials on P-shot for men in Thailand, and to schedule your FREE consultation, write to us at


Epifanova, M. V., Gvasalia, B. R., Durashov, M. A., & Artemenko, S. A. (2020). Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction: Myth or Reality?. Sexual medicine reviews8(1), 106–113.

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