When should you do the ERA test?

When should you do the ERA test

When you’ve been trying to get pregnant for some time and are considering invitro fertilization (IVF), you want everything to go right. Unfortunately, IVF does not work every time and your doctor many not always be able to determine the reason why your IVF failed. As part of the IVF failure workup, many doctors use the endometrial receptivity array (ERA), to evaluate issues with the receptivity of the uterus that… Read More

Diagnosis & Treatment of Unexplained Infertility

Investigations for unexplained infertility

The diagnosis of unexplained infertility is rather frustrating and unfortunately, it is quite common. Around 20 percent of infertile couples are told that there is no specific reason for their conception problems. So when you don’t know what’s wrong, how do you fix it? Not all hope is lost because even if your infertility cannot be explained, it can be treated. Is your infertility really unexplained? Typically, when you’ve been… Read More

What are the best methods for Endometriosis Diagnosis?

Treatment diagnosis of endometriosis

Endometriosis is a painful disease that affects approximately 200 million females around the world. The condition usually presents as varying degrees pelvic pain and extreme discomfort for women; often the diagnosis is late and treatment is consequently delayed. If you know the different methods of endometriosis diagnosis, you may be able to identify and deal with the problem at the earliest. What happens in endometriosis? Endometrial tissue, which normally lines… Read More

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

Sperm DNA fragmentation analysis

The miscarriages or conception problems you’re having could be attributed to faulty sperm DNA, which is unfortunately not assessed in a routine semen analysis. Sperm DNA fragmentation testing is required to check for the integrity of the DNA of your sperm, which is an important factor in successful conception. A simple semen analysis, although sufficient in many cases, only tells us about the count, morphology, and motility of the sperm,… Read More

Fertility tests for women—How to test your fertility?

Blood tests for infertility

Nobody prepares you for infertility. If you suspect, for any reason, that you might have a problem and are wondering how to test your fertility status, you can get some of these tests to get a better idea of your situation. Here are some common fertility tests for women: Basic investigations for infertility Blood tests for STIs If you have any history of STIs or lingering infections that can affect… Read More