Fertility treatments

A variety of treatments for infertility are available today and most involve some kind of hormone intake. Before you jump into these expensive treatments, it is imperative that you get diagnosed well and try to find the reason for your your conception problems.

The IVF industry is only 40 years old and even with all the advancements we’ve made today, there’s a lot that remains to be understood. Around 40% of cases are still attributed to unexplained infertility, which only means that your doctor hasn’t been able to find the root of your problem.

Duly take all the recommended tests for infertility and seek the advice of an expert doctor to understand the your problem before deciding on any of the below treatments:

If you have blocked tubes or some significant ovulation problems, IVF might be the right treatment but if the quality or number of your eggs is inadequate, you may have to consider getting eggs from a donor to be able to have healthy embryos.

The treatment suggested by your doctor may not be the same as what you expect, but what’s important is that it is in your best interests. Consult with more than one doctor, have more advanced tests if you need to but try to take the shortest path to a pregnancy and a healthy baby. For more information on any of the above treatments, get in touch.